How to Prepare and score Good marks in Accountancy Paper?

let us first find out the course structure for accountancy :

The paper is total for 100 marks which has three parts

Part A will have 60 marks ,which is divided between

1.accountancy for partnership firms while the second one is

2.accountancy for companies.

Partnership firms will be for 35 marks while companies will be for 25 marks .

Part B will be for 20 marks

This 20 marks is divided between financial statements and cash flow statements

Financial statements will be for 12 marks and cash flow statements will be for 8 marks

Finally ,part C will be for 20 marks

The final 20 marks is for project work .You can do project work of your interest .

There is an option for part B  that is instead of financial statements and cash flow statements you can pick computerized accounting .

This is the pattern of the paper so you should prepare keeping this pattern in mind.

Now let us find out the course syllabus :

For part A : Accountancy for partnerships and companies ,there are a total of 2 units in part A

Chapter  1: Accounting for Partnership Firms

Chapter 2:Accounting for companies and for share capital

For part B:there are two units

Chapter 3:financial statement analysis

Chapter 4:cash flow statements

Cash flow statements will be of the format :

  • Complete meaning of the statement
  • Objective of the problem

Preparation of the statement ,this statement should be prepared strictly by following the rules.

As there is an option for part B which is computerized accounting ,syllabus will also be different if you choose the computerized accountancy .It will have application sheets .

For analysis of financial statements you need to learn lot of formulas ,these formulas will help you a lot in the final exams .Some questions will be asked related to these formulas also in board exams.

Now to get more marks in accountancy ,here are some tips for you

CBSE previous years question papers : solve all the financial statement related questions asked in CBSE previous years question papers .There will be a lot of confusion while answering these questions of financial statements ,in order to avoid the confusion you should read the theory perfectly .

CBSE study material: CBSE study material will have theory which is required to solve the problems.Everything will be clearly mentioned in the CBSE study material .Theory will not be asked much in the accountancy paper as it a problem solving paper .

If you enter at least one of the entries wrong the total sum will go wrong ,so you need utmost care while writing the entries .For you to get that care you should practice a lot .CBSE study material will have lots of exercises .Try to solve all these exercises .Most of the times you don’t find the information directly .

You need to find out into which category the given entries belong to .Heading for the statements is must .Dates should also be written correctly .Marks will be allocated for even the tables .

CBSE study material will make you exam ready .If you have extra time then you can refer to other books also .These topics are basics for accountancy .If you want to take subjects related to accountancy in graduation ,then you should learn these topics with care as you will come across these topics even in graduation .

But the depth of the problems will increase as you go on solving them.Complicated questions will be asked .

CBSE study notes : As the subject is confusing to most of the students you should maintain a running notes ,this running notes can be CBSE study notes ,while solving the statements you can refer to the CBSE study notes .

Write down all the important formulas and definitions related to a topic clearly .Refer to as many books possible and make the notes .

Topper notes : If you didn’t make notes of your own,if you didn’t refer to any books before then refer to Topper notes .Topper notes should be like a reference book for you .First go through the notes ,you don’t have to spend much time on the topper notes .

If you are some one who want to get a job related to accountancy then opt for

  • Online test series : online test series will be very difficulty as there is time limit for each question .Each of these questions will have marks proportional to difficulty level of the question .Online test series will put you under lot of pressure but as soon as you answer one after one papers of the online test series this pressure will get down.
  • Practice test :As the subject requires you to practice a lot ,you should choose any practice test series which will be available both online and offline .Practice test will have no time limit this will reduce lot of pressure but don’t spend much time on each question .Try to solve them fastly .Your speed will improve as you answer more questions .practice is the key to get more marks in accountancy .