How to Prepare and score Good marks in Business Studies Paper?

Benefits for studying business studies:

  • Helps student in understanding the reality of business world .
  • More insights of business will be available
  • Success in business can be achieved with strong foundation of business education
  • Effective team player
  • Helps the students in understanding the necessary
  • Students can learn to gauge their expectations
  • Work experience alone is not sufficient to become successful in business
  • Quality study programs will improve commitment
  • You can expand and enhance your CV

Let’s find out the course structure for business studies

Part A is for 50 marks

  1. Chapter 1:functions and principles of management
  2. Nature of management
  3. Significance of management
  4. Basic principles of management

Five basic principles of management :

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Staffing
  • Directing
  • Controlling

Part B:marketing and finance  for 30 marks

Prat C : 20 marks for project work

Now,let’s find out the syllabus for business studies

Chapter 1:Significance and nature of management

  • Objectives of management
  • Management as art and science
  • Different stages of management
  • Functions of management
  • Importance of management

Chapter 2:principles used in management

  • Fayol’s management principles
  • Techniques and principles of management using Taylor’s principles

Chapter 3:Business Environment

  • Importance of business environment
  • Technological,Economic,Social,legal – dimensions of business
  • Features and concept of Demonetization
  • Policy changes and it’s impact on business in reference to globalization,privatization etc

Chapter 4:planning

  • Limitations of planning
  • Concepts used
  • Importance of planning
  • Standing plans

Chapter 5:Organization

  • Structure of an organization
  • Process of organization
  • Decentralization polices and concepts

Chapter 6:staffing

  • Concepts used in staffing
  • Human resources
  • Staffing and recruitment process
  • Selection of staff
  • Training given to the staff after selection
  • Internship training

Chapter 7:Directing

  • Elements in directing
  • Hierarchy motivational theory
  • Leadership concepts used
  • Laissez faire

Chapter 8:Controlling

  • Process of controlling
  • Where should we use controlling

With this 8 chapters part A will come to an end now for part B

Chapter 9:Financial management

  • Decisions involved in management
  • Dividend and it’s meaning
  • Factors used in capital structure
  • Working capital and fixed capital

Chapter 10:Financial markets

  • Types of markets
  • Money market
  • Types of capital market

Chapter 11: marketing

  • Marketing mix and it’s concepts
  • Labeling ,branding and packaging of a product
  • Factors which determine the prices
  • Different channels of distribution
  • Distribution and concepts used

Chapter 12:protection of consumers

  • Importance of consumer and their protection
  • 1986 consumer protection act
  • Right to file a complaint

With these topics the syllabus will end here ,now we have to focus on how to get more marks in this vast theory subject .To score more marks in business studies collect all CBSE previous years question papers

How to score more marks with the help of CBSE previous years question papers

  • CBSE previous years question papers will have lot of questions most of these questions will be theory based
  • Some questions will be practical questions ,they will try to test the students presence of mind in the exam
  • the more CBSE previous years question papers you collect ,the more variety of questions you can get exposed to

CBSE Study material : Business studies wants you learn many principles and apply them .You should be well read with all the principles ,concepts behind these principles and objectives .CBSE study material will give you complete knowledge about a principle .However it won’t give you practical application of those principles

You are required to find out examples where and how you can use these principles . Just learning the principles will not give you much marks

CBSE study notes :CBSE study notes should contain all the principles and theories related to each lesson .Collect examples of where these principles are used and write them down in the CBSE study notes .You can also try to find solutions to the present day problems which are related to business  with these principles .

Write all of these down in the CBSE study notes .Thus this notes will help you a lot .You can also make the notes after referring to many books .

Topper notes :Topper notes will be made by some websites ,topper notes is nothing but a notes which is exam ready ,which contains everything related to a topic .You can also take your class topper notes .Go through the notes once and try to apply the theories and write down any different points you find .

If you want to learn more in less time then go for

Online test series :As there are many scientists and many theories in this subject ,it is better to opt for online test series .These online test series will ask questions related to all scientists and theories .They will also bring in new points as they will do a lot of research before making a paper .

Some of the online test series will collect all the previous years question papers of different competitive exams and make a series .

Practice test :You can also go for Practice test before attempting test series ,as the practice test will also be conducted in the same mode .The main difference between them being time limit .You can also write a practice test like a real paper .