How to prepare and score good marks in Economics Paper ?

Many students tend to take Economics after their Class X. They feel that economics has lots of career scopes. And it is true. After a student completes graduation with Economics Major, he/she can work as a Financial Analyst, Economic Consultant, lawyer, Credit Analyst, Market Research Analyst and many more. But when students start going through the syllabus, they find Economics tough. But there is no need to worry. After the students goes through the cbse class 11th sample paper, some amount of relaxation can be achieved. Because they will then understand the pattern of questions which will lead them to study systematically.

The CBSE Class 11 Economics has three parts- Part A(Statistics for Economics), Part B(Indian Economic Development), Part C(Project Work). Out of all the chapters of economics, Statistical Tools and Interpretation from Part A, Development Experience and Economic Reforms since 1991, Current Challenges facing Indian Economy, Development Experience of India- A Comparison with Neighbors are important. To score good mark in Economics, a student should utilize the CBSE Study material effectively.
There is no need to panic. Every student can score a well deserved mark in economics. Although there are some of the reputed books of CBSE, but students can fetch a better marks in this paper if they go through the CBSE Study Notes as well as Topper Notes.

It is better if students prepare part by part on Economics rather than preparing for all the chapters at once. That is, for example after preparing on Part A, the students can start solving the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers on Economics. Mark down those questions which they find hard and then properly prepare those questions. After the questions are well-prepared, students need to write down those answers using a timer. Same applies on Part B and Part C chapters. In this way, the students can analyze their preparation. After all the chapters gets completed , students should start appearing for the Online test series class 11 on economics and assess their performance.The initiative taken by the CBSE through the introduction of cbse online test series on different subjects listed under CBSE has helped the students a lot in improving their scores.

There is no need to panic.Panic doesn’t help in answering the questions in correct manner. Rather it creates frustration. So for those students who prepared on Economics but aren’t much confident enough of scoring a good mark, for them it is mandatory to go through the Online test series class 11. Practicing week after week ,these cbse online test series will improve those students confidence. Also going through the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers on Economics at least once in a week will help those students to write their economics exam with ease during their final exam.
Since most of the chapters of Part B are vast, so some students do not know the strategy on how to prepare the required number of questions from

Part B especially from Chapters like Current Challenges facing Indian Economy, Development Experience of India- A Comparison with neighbors. Also going through the current affairs, general knowledge, newspapers, news channels are desired for dealing with the questions relating to these chapters. At times , it is happens that some students follows some reputed books on Economics. But when they enter the examination hall, they cannot prepare the notes written from their assigned books. So for those students it is best recommended that they go through both the CBSE Study Notes as well as Topper Notes along with the reputed books of economics and prepare their notes. In this way , they can understand the quality of their notes from their previous note- making.

Also going through the cbse class 11th sample paper and CBSE Previous Year Question Papers is necessary before appearing on their economics exam. By going through these papers, students can understand which questions can come from those chapters and so they can prepare accordingly.
Therefore, Economics is a very scoring subject only if the student utilizes all the CBSE Study material and studies those smartly.