How to prepare and score good marks in Economics Paper ?

Nowadays, the knowledge Sharing by the CBSE Board is truly appreciated by everyone. Class 12 Economics syllabus is really vast. If students wish to score good marks in Economics, then they need to thoroughly follow the CBSE Study material. The questions in CBSE entirely comes from the assigned syllabus.

Before focusing on studying each and every chapter of Economics, students must have a look at the cbse class 12th sample paper and register for the cbse 12th online test. Various MCQs are asked from different chapters in Economics. So it is very important that the students study each chapters minutely.

There are many definitions in economics. Just cramming the definitions won’t help you increasing your economics marks. You will forget the definitions after you enter the examination hall. So it is better if you understand the definition properly with the logic behind it, what it intends to make us comprehend and then memorize it properly. Only then the definitions can be written appropriately. Questions needed to be understood properly, which questions are to be written in what form. For example- there are some questions which are to be written in tabular form, some are to be written using bullet points, some might be written with the help of examples. So what is the intention behind the question needed to be understood properly. For best results, go through the CBSE Study Notes as well as Topper Notes.

In Economics, theories are always elaborated with Tabular and Graphical representation including the formulas. This way we can understand the concepts with ease. Theories can be remembered better only when it is revised every day before the exam.

On the other hand, students need to practice drawing graphs daily so that they can draw correct shapes of various curves in their economics exam. A pencil is helpful for this purpose. Also for better notes making on each chapter, it is better if the students go through the Topper Notes and CBSE Study Notes. Sometimes, it is seen that formula based questions comes on Economics. So students try to memorize formulas beyond their capacity. But from the logical point of view, cramming of formulas is strictly prohibited. Students should understand the origin behind a formula is derived what purpose it serves in Economics. Preparing chapter wise formula sheet and revising them daily is of immense necessity. Also go through the cbse class 12th sample paper of Economics, cbse online test series will increase the understanding of Economics and also increase confidence. Out of the Chapters in Economics, some important chapters include:

1. Consumer Protection Act
2. Central problems of an economy
3. Circular Flow of Income

So go through each and every details in these chapters. After completing it, start appearing for the cbse 12th online test at least once in three days. See how many questions you can answer correctly relating to those chapters. Side by side , practice regularly the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers and see how much you score.

Numerical cannot be forgotten when studying Micro and Macroeconomics.So practice questions from each and every chapter every alternate day is found to be beneficial for the students during their main exam. Accumulate all notes, appear for the CBSE 12th online test because consistent mock tests along with the revision will fetch good marks. While revising if you found some topic difficult, just mark that down and keep it for later revision. Schedule time and start solving those questions which you found difficult solving while practicing. Make an examination like environment in your home and start solving CBSE Previous Year Question Papers on Economics within three hours were systematically practiced by every topper besides keeping the timer. Doing this makes the students aware about the pattern of questions, methodology of how examiners will frame the question paper.

Therefore, for those students who wish to take major in Economics after their Class 12, need to spend quality time on this subject. Go through all the CBSE Study material minutely and you will definitely score good mark in Economics.