How to prepare and score good marks in English Paper ?

Nowadays, knowledge sharing has become very easy because of the development of digital technology. CBSE Study Notes along with the Toppers Notes are also useful for the CBSE students. Now if we consider the students of Class 9, we will find that in this new age of digital marketing, the Online test series class 9 is very useful for the students. After giving CBSE online test series regularly for six months, a candidate can see significant amount of improvement in that subject. Side by side the candidate can also go through the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers. Basically class 9 board exams start from mid-March which continues till the 1st of April. Before 2 months of the commencement of the exam, students need to practice thoroughly the CBSE Class 9th Sample Paper Class 9 English Question Papers. These CBSE Study material will help them in understanding the exam better. The English Paper consists of various sections such as-
Section A which is the Reading Skills consisting of 20 marks
Section B which is Writing Skills with Grammar consisting of 30 marks.
Section C which is the Literature Textbook and Supplementary. Reading Text consisting of 30 marks. And the Total is of 100 marks.
Section Section Name Marks
A Reading Skills 20
B Writing Skills with Grammar 30
C Literature Textbook 30
Total 80

To make your English preparation easy, follow the following tips-
Section A (Reading) Develop habit of reading and comprehending skills
• Read the passage line by line and understand what that passage is trying to portray.
• Emphasize on other important points of the passage
• Try to attempt the questions in your own words
• Extend the vocabulary as to understand the word attack question. If the meaning of the vocabulary is not clear, relate it with the context it is used.
• Follow the Toppers Notes
• Also, the CBSE online test series are also a great way for preparing for the English exam.
Section B (Grammar and Writing)
• Good score depends a lot on the format of the sentence
• So it is advisable to understand the format minutely
• Plan a proper idea, organize it and present it with grammatical accuracy, correct spellings and words, consistency as well as relevance
• Picturise the story on given outlines carefully ad remain on this track
• Get a clear idea on how to write letters as well as what to write. Elaborate it in first, second as well as third paragraphs
• Explain the detail of each grammar topic with the rules as well as exceptions
• Solve the passages with grammar by reading them carefully and understanding its meaning.
• Read the words/phrases carefully to write grammatically perfect sentences
Section C (Literature):
• Preparation of each chapter is compulsory. Read word by word, understand and memorize important points.
• Understand the main idea of the lesson
• Keep a note of names and chapters and their authors as well with proper spellings.
• Write answers with grammatical accuracy, coherence, appropriate words, good expression
• Answer the questions based on proper inference as well as understanding
• Identify the words/lines from which lesson they are derived and relate in what sense they are said and who is the speaker. Even though knowledge sharing has become easy in this 21st century, some points are to be remembered while attempting for the English Paper-
• Read the entire question paper first
• Questions that carry more marks must be divided into parts and points so that it would be easy for the examiner to have quick glance
• It is recommended to use the same ink in the entire answer-sheet. Mixing colors is not at all advisable.
• Write answers in detail with good introduction and proper conclusion
• Answer sheet should be very clear. Always follow the steps while solving the questions. Go through the CBSE Study material like the CBSE class 9th sample paper, CBSE Previous Year Question Papers, cbse online test series, online test series class 9, CBSE Study Notes at least half an hour devoting on each CBSE study material.