How to prepare and score good marks in English Paper ?

Around 1.5 billion people in the world speak English,that is 20% of the population of the world .
There are many advantages of learning English.

•Speaking in English improves confidence
•Education improvement
•You can become better writer
•Better job opportunities
•Keeps your brain focused and makes it sharp
•Boost for memory
•You can understand any logic easily
•It is spoken in many countries ,so you will have no problem while travelling or immigration.

English consists of vocabulary and grammar.For both vocab and grammar you need to practice everyday .
Especially for exam purpose you can go for

1. CBSE study material: Preparing CBSE study material will help you in board exams and also any other competitive exams.
Collect all years CBSE study material and go through them ,by doing so you will learn many words .
Read all the stories and answer the questions related to the story ,this will be a good practice exercise for you .

2. CBSE study notes:For any class CBSE study notes will be prepared by many authors,don’t just refer to one notes ,refer as many as possible .
Collect study notes from even your friends.Study notes will basically contain all the important topics which are mentioned in your class .
Most of the study notes will have more subject than classroom textbooks .So it is better to read from them .

3. CBSE previous year question papers:If you want to score somewhere between 80-95 without preparing much ,then you should definitely answer all the questions asked in CBSE previous years question papers.
Most of the topics will be covered when you answer CBSE previous years papers ,which will give you grip of most of the topics .
Toppers notes :Always collect toppers notes before exam ,notice if you had missed any points .
Write down all those points.
For students who can’t are preparing for competitive exams also ,you can go for

Online test series: online test series have para jumbles,passages,vocab,sentence correction,odd one out etc
They making learning more fun.In the allocated time you have to attempt the questions.You should start online test series only after you have prepared well.
These test your knowledge of the subject ,so it is better to prepare first and then attempt .For competitive exams you must and should write these exams to score better
For any school level competitive exams English is one of the section ,you can clear the cutoff only if you had prepared well.
This takes time and dedication.

Practice test:You can find practice tests both online / offline .offline by books , can be by websites ,education apps,puzzles .
Practice test will be available in all the topics ,if you are attempting exam once a week then prepare rest of the week for the exam.
For grammar read theory first and answer all the questions ,for vocab maintain a separate book for all the words.If you want to learn more vocab ,add at least two words into your vocab book.Also ,write synonyms and antonyms in the book ,use these words in sentences as much as possible.This will improve your vocab.

For students who want to speak fluently in English ,here are some tips for you

Tuition teacher : Speak only in English with your Tuition teacher ,continuous efforts are very important to learn English.
If you are shy to speak in front of many people ,practice before your tuition teacher .slowly you will gain confidence .Ask your tuition teacher to observe you while you are practicing ,they will notice all the mistakes .

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes ,it is the only way to learn.
Online tutor:If you want to hire a teacher specifically only for English then it is better to hire online tutor ,as they will be available for particular language .
This will help you save your time

Along with all the mentioned above tips :
•Read newspapers everyday
•Write short stories
•Read novels
•Watch movies without subtitles
•Read online articles about anything