How to Prepare and score good marks in English Paper?

1.5 billion people speak in English .English not just an another language you learn .It is a life skill .English has grammar and vocab parts when it comes to syllabus .There are definitely many uses of learning English

  • If you want to go aboard and study there then you must and should have knowledge of English.
  • Your stay in other countries will be smooth only if you know English well
  • Boosts confidence
  • Most of the competitive exams are set in English
  • Also English is fun to learn
  • Many websites provide English tutorials for free
  • All the other subjects are studied in English
  • Most of the points mentioned above are for English as a language ,but when we treat English as a subject .A subject in which you want to score more marks then you should definitely focus on both grammar and vocab .

So what can you expect in 7th standard grammar

  • Linking verbs
  • Adverbs
  • Active voice and passive voice
  • Clauses
  • Tenses
  • Auxiliaries
  • Reported speech
  • Adjectives
  • Sentence  correction

English you learn now is the foundation for future.Only if the foundation is strong then you can score well even in higher standards .English is definitely easy subject to score .Most of the scientific names of animals / plants are in English only .

If you want to enjoy good novels ,good Hollywood movies ,good play then English is a must .Often you can find many different words used by them which we don’t use ,that difficulty to understand those words is because you don’t exposed to those words right from the beginning ,so start now ,start learning the meaning of any new word you come across

For students who want to get more marks in English

1. CBSE  study notes :Always make sure your CBSE study notes has many words ,collect all these words from websites ,newspapers,books ,novels,articles,.Refer to as many as possible .this will prove to be a very good brain exercise for you .

CBSE study notes should also have grammar ,when I say grammar you can include examples ,rules,usage ,etc .Don’t draw boundaries for either grammar or vocab .As they will help you even in next standards .So it is better if you refer to next standard’s CBSE study materials also .You can turn this into a hobby also .

2. CBSE study material : CBSE study material will have all the question and answers that are asked in the text books .Learn all the answers provided by them .These questions will appear directly in the question papers .

So take the material seriously ,if you want to score more marks in English then read the study material.You don’t have to refer any other books .Summary of the lessons will also be provided in the material .

3 .CBSE previous years question papers: CBSE previous years question papers will help you understand the frequently asked questions ,it will also help you understand the important topics and weight-age of the lessons  and topics .

Even grammar asked in the papers will repeat sometimes .So by referring to these papers you will understand which topics to put more efforts in. test series : In exams like CAT/GRE/GMAT English asked is not the same as which we read everyday ,to get good score in these exams you need to put more efforts ,as most of the students don’t know where to start your preparation online test series will prove as a great help as they have all topics covered .

These online test series will have all levels .Preparing these online test series will expose you to all levels .Vocab is very important for these exams .Vocab is given as a separate section in these exams .

Improve your reading skills also ,for this pick up a passage and set the time limit ,slowly increase the words you read per minute ,this is called the speed ,you can increase the speed only if you practice everyday.

You should also understand that not only increasing your speed but also you need to understand the sentences you have read in the time given to you .

2. Practice test : These tests also come with practice tests also ,don’t take these exams directly as they will be very difficult it is better to practice before and write the exams latter .This will allow you to face your fears .

Practice tests have lot of benefits,it will allow you to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes ,if you don’t learn from the mistakes then you will commit the same mistakes even in exams also .

Practice test will be available in many websites  .

If you can’t speak well in English ,then you need help you can take help from your class topper .For this you can take your topper notes : start discussions on the important points you come across in topper notes .