How to Prepare and score Good marks in English Paper?

Let us first find out the syllabus for 8th standard English :

  • Chapter 1: The Best Christmas Present in the World

Poem: The Ant and the Cricket

  • Chapter 2: The Tsunami

Poem: Geography Lesson

  • Chapter 3: Glimpses of the Past

Poem: Macavity: The Mystery Cat

  • Chapter 4: Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory

Poem: The Last Bargain

  • Chapter 5: The Summit Within

Poem: The School Boy

  • Chapter 6: This is Jody’s Fawn

Poem: The Duck and the Kangaroo

  • Chapter 7: A Visit to Cambridge

Poem: When I set out for Lyonnesse

  • Chapter 8: A Short Monsoon Diary

Poem: On the Grasshopper and Cricket

  • Chapter 9: The Great Stone Face- I
  • Chapter 10: The Great Stone Face-ll

Along with the text book there is also a supplementary reader ,syllabus for supplementary reader is :

  • Chapter 1: How the Camel got his Hump
  • Chapter 2: Children at work
  • Chapter 3: The Selfish Giant
  • Chapter 4: The Treasure within
  • Chapter 5: Princess September
  • Chapter 6: The Fight
  • Chapter 7: The Open Window
  • Chapter 8: Jalebis
  • Chapter 9: The Comet- I
  • Chapter 10: The Comet- II

It is very clear that there is lot to read ,along with these lessons in textbook and supplementary reader you also need to learn grammar .As a 8th standard student you should have knowledge about topics like :

  1. Order of Words and Clauses
  2. Direct and Indirect Speech
  3. Active and Passive Voice
  4. Tenses
  5. Noun
  6. Pronoun
  7. Verb
  8. Adverb
  9. Prepositions
  10. Conjunction
  11. Phrases and Idioms
  12. Vocabulary
  13. Comprehension Reading

Since there is a lot to learn ,you should start your preparation right from the beginning of the classes.Right after the completion of a lesson you can refer to CBSE study material and also write new points and important points related to the same lesson in your CBSE study notes.

Benefits of having CBSE study notes :

  • CBSE study note will be like a reference notes
  • Writing the CBSE study note will be like a memory exercise for you
  • Refer to as many books possible before writing the notes.
  • It should be like a single book for all answers
  • You can include questions ,grammar ,vocab in the note .

If you want to know about the pattern about the exam ,then practice CBSE previous years question papers:

  • CBSE previous years papers will help you understand the pattern of exam.
  • Once you go through a CBSE previous year paper you will automatically understand what is important and how to prepare
  • You will also learn about the marks allocated to each section

Also refer to CBSE study material :

  • CBSE study material will give you lot to read,exercise will also be given.
  • Try to do these exercises on your own
  • If possible also refer to other books .
  • If you are really weak in English then CBSE study material will come to a great help even for board exams.

English is a must for most of the competitive exams,English in the competitive exams will be a lot different than what we read and study .For you to crack these competitive exams you definitely need some extra help .

Online test series : English will be given as a section in most of the competitive exams ,you need extra preparation to crack these exams .The questions asked in these competitive exams will be different from what you learn on everyday basis.

If you want to crack these exams then opting for a online test series is one of the way to do it.Online test series will expose you to large number of questions .Different patterns of the exam will also be available .

Suppose if you  are weak in synonyms and antonyms ,then you can directly attempt the paper related to synonyms and antonyms .If you are weak in grammar you can choose that particular topic and take exam related to that topic only .

By doing this you will save lot of time ,you don’t have to spend time answering questions related to the topics you have good knowledge any more .This way you can learn more .You can also write exams that have mix up of all topics .Online test series is a great platform to learn .

Practice test :Practice test will also be made available by many websites ,also you can write practice tests offline.If you are really weak in English and are facing lot of difficulties while writing an exam ,then you should listen to audio clips ,watch English movies,listen to English songs ,you might find yourself not understanding anything at first but slowly you will learn everything .

Also along with this keep a running notes ,write down at least five  new words everyday ,this will improve your vocabulary .Focus on both grammar and vocab if you want to speak in English well.

Along with the above mentioned tips also go for topper notes .Topper notes will have important points .Some websites even prepare these topper notes .Topper notes us nothing but a note which is exam ready note .