How to prepare and score good marks in English Paper ?

Many students find tough to get good scores in CBSE Class 10 English. So for them the cbse class 10th sample paper can ease their preparation of English. If the candidates understand the pattern of questions they can get good score in English.
Among the different online modes of knowledge sharing nowadays, the CBSE Study material is extremely beneficial for the students.
CBSE online test series being one among them. To utilize the days before the exam well and increase your English score to 100, following tips can be of ample usefulness. But before getting started, understand the exam pattern and marking scheme, and for this, go through the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers. There are two paper options to attempt the English exam in CBSE, one is English Communicative & other is English Language and Literature of 80 marks each. You may choose from any of these 2 papers. Both the papers will include the three sections, they are:

Section Topic Weightage
A Reading 20
B Writing and Grammar 30
C Literature 30

It must be noted that from the academic year 2019-20, the CBSE had cancelled the English Communicative paper. The section wise distribution of marks of the CBSE Class 10 English paper are shown in the following:

Section Topic Weightage
A Reading 20
B Writing and Grammar 30
C Literature Textbooks 30

1. Hacks for Section A – Reading
To improve scores in Section A, read vigorously. It can be anything- daily newspapers, books, magazines. Reading habits can be improved by skimming through daily newspapers, magazines or books of any genre that the candidate desire. The section consists of two unseen passages.

2. Definition of factual and discursive passages
Now, the factual passage means what the topic tends to describe is presented.
Discursive passage , on the other hand, talks about any random topics that appear to have no connection with one another. It is quite a challenging task to follow the changes in subject. And so practicing reading the passages dedicate every single day is of ample necessity. Also go through the Topper Notes. You may find it valuable in some or the other way.

3. Tips to attempt Section – A
Section A seems to be very scoring. But good scoring can only occur if the student practices a minimum of 2-3 passages everyday. Remember self-analysis is very important towards successful preparation. Going through the CBSE Study Material at least once in a week can increase your English marks.
4. Hacks for Section B – Writing and Grammar
Section B tests the writing and grammatical skills. For increasing scores in this section, students should need to practice a minimum of writing 2 to 3 articles everyday, one notices, 2 letters, 1 essay at least, 3 fill in the blanks, 2 re-arrangement, and 3 omission type questions every single day. After vigorous practices, then it is recommended to go through the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers.
Also you can opt for Online test series class 10 for English because it offers a meticulous structure of questions from each section.

5. Tips to master section B
In this section, ample practice needs to be done on essays, notices, posters, letters. Also check the letter writing, essay writing, article writing, notes as well as poster making on CBSE Study Notes. These can be helpful in the preparation of your section B.
Have a clear understanding of letter writing structure. Following the Topper Notes can be useful in this regard because the notes written by them are in a particular grammatical format.

6. Hacks for Section C – Literature
In Section C, students need to identify famous poets, quotes. The questions in CBSE Class 10th sample paper will make the candidate mentally ready of what questions be expected in exam.

7. Tips to master section C
Write quality answers after going through the CBSE Study Notes can be very helpful for the overall English preparation.
Therefore, every student can score good marks in Class 10 CBSE English if they know the above tactics of preparation through the online test series class 10 and practice those smartly.