How to prepare and score good marks in English Paper ?

Now when we talk about the English Paper, many students get scared because they do not have much command over English. Many students from their childhood till their 10th exam have read in vernacular schools. So when English is included as one of the paper in Class 11 CBSE, those vernacular medium students loss the confidence of scoring a good percentage in their overall Class 11 exam.

But there is no need to worry, if the students go through the CBSE Study material like the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers of English, students will get some amount of relief. Because it cannot happen, all the questions will be difficult for them. Some sections can be quite easy like the – Grammar Section. When the students go through the syllabus, they will find that the curriculum of class 11 English gets divided into three sections-

• Section A- Reading Comprehension
This section has 2 unseen passages with questions like the Objective Type Questions, Short Answer Questions and Multiple Choice Questions, word formation and inferring the meaning. To improve scores in Section A, it is good to read books, novels or even short- stories for those who have little interest in reading. Also going through the cbse class 11th sample paper of English will make the students understand the pattern of questions.

• Section B- Writing Skills and Grammar
Section B consists of writing skills and grammar. The long questions asked in section B are in the form of letter writing, speech writing, notice writing, poster writing, report writing, advertisement writing. The types of letters from which questions can be asked include- business or official letters (b) letters to the editor (c) application for a job with a bio-data.
The Grammar section will consists of- gap filling, sentence re- ordering, dialogue completion, sentence transformation, determiners, voice, modals, tenses, error correction, clauses, transformation of sentences. After preparing for this section, make an examination centre situation in your home. Set the timer and start appearing for the Online test series class 11. Analyze which questions are tough for you and jot them down.

• Section C- Literature
In the Literature section, questions will be asked from the assigned texts to test the understanding ability at literal, inferential and evaluative levels. To increase your scores in this section, it is best recommended to go through the CBSE Study Notes as well as Topper Notes. For some watching Hollywood movies can prove beneficial too.

• Internal Assessment
Internal assessment will be of 20 marks. Here speaking skills and listening ability of the students are tested.
Initially the beginners should start making their notes based on the class notes, cbse class 11th sample paper of English. After they can prepare up to some extent the class notes, then go through the Topper Notes and CBSE Study Notes to make their notes more standardized. Asking the seniors which CBSE Previous Year Question Papers are more significant can also prove beneficial for the students which will help them to make their preparation on time.

It is very important that students understand the format of examination of English which will help them to avail the CBSE Study material like appearing for cbse online test series on English.

For students who are going to give their Class 11 final exam, they should remember one thing, that is, knowing the basic rules of grammar and form grammatically correct sentences while answering such questions. Because a grammatically incorrect sentence will reduce their overall marks in English.

At times , it might happen that students get bored of following their monotonous routine of English. At that time instead of spending time on televisions or smart phones, just go through the online test series class 11. This way you can utilize your time effectively.

Thus, it is very important that those students who wish to get full marks in English, follow the cbse online test series along with the regular English textbooks from Day 1 of Class 11. Otherwise they cannot expect their desired result.