How to prepare and score good marks in English Paper ?

For those students who have scored average in English in their Class 11 exam, they feel less confident to score an excellent mark in English in their Class 12 exam. But this a myth. A student can score their satisfactory marks in their Class 12 English only if they know the tactics of study. Nowadays, the initiative taken by the CBSE Board through the introduction of CBSE Study material has helped lots of students previously. No doubt, the syllabus of CBSE English is too tough. But with the cbse online test series, the students are bound to expect a good score. There is usually 14 Chapters in English core syllabus divided into- Prose and Poetry.

After having a glance through all the 14 Chapters, students need to go through the- cbse class 12th sample paper. Understand the pattern of questions that are most probable from these chapters. Then prepare 2 chapters or 4 chapters first, whichever you feel convenient and then start appearing for the cbse online test series, CBSE Previous Year Question Papers on English. Jot down those questions which you found tough and start preparing your notes. It is best to go through the Topper Notes and CBSE Study Notes for standardized answers. Then again go through the next 4 Chapters, read the CBSE Study material like the Topper Notes and CBSE Study Notes.

After you are done with those chapters, then go through the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers, cbse online test series like the cbse 12th online test for assessing your performance. The same technique of study goes for preparing the last 4 chapters of English. After the students complete having vast knowledge on all the chapters of English, it is recommended that students start appearing for the cbse 12th online test at least once a week by creating examination like environment in their home and setting a timer. In this way, they will get an idea of how much preparation needs to be done by them.

Many students who opt to take English Major in their graduation needs to clear their base on English itself in Class 12. The various chapters of Class 12 English like the –Reading Skills, Writing Skills, Grammar, Literature prepares students wholly over the English subject. Studying literary texts provides immense exposure to a variety of rich texts of world literature as well as to Indian writings in English, which includes classics too. Going through the cbse class 12th sample paper, CBSE Previous Year Question Papers of English, develops tactics of how to attempt the answers in a creative, imaginative way and encapsulates in them the habit of reading with delight and excitement.

• Reading is very much vital for understanding for the beginners. Read as much as you can. These can include anything. It can be anything, well known literary books like that of Charles dickens, Jane Austen, Macbeth, Sherlock Holmes and many more. Reading your regular textbook is a must. Also newspaper-reading is important. If it is not possible to read the whole newspaper, then at least read the headlines. All types of magazine- reading are recommended. All kinds of topics can be read. They can be fictitious or non-fictitious, philosophy or science, mythological or cookery shows.

• Following a good grammar book and knowing the basic rules are also essential for writing English answers in the correct format. Sometimes in your spare time, try to read your regular texts and understand what the author is trying to portray .Then jot down in your own words. This way you can get a grip of your English writing up to some extent.

• Also letter writing, applications, report writing are important in English syllabus. So it is better to go through the Topper Notes and CBSE Study Notes for understanding the format.

Therefore, good presentation of answers is mandatory for scoring good marks. So it is essential that the students go through the CBSE class 12th sample paper and write answers in bullet points through proper graphical presentations or in tabular form , whichever way the examiners desire. To the point answers are essential in short answer type questions. skimming the paper is essential before answering the questions.