How to prepare and score good marks in Geography Paper ?

Geography gets divided into two branches– human geography and physical geography and so focusing on both of these is important for scoring good marks.

It has been seen that over the years the students have benefited a lot from the CBSE Study material initiated by the CBSE Board. But before studying elaborately through these Study Material, let us have a glance at the chapters.
Part A is- Fundamentals of Human Geography
Part B – India: People and Economy
Part A and part B have a total of 12 chapters. Out of those chapters, some important chapters include.

• Transport, Communication & Trade
• Human settlements
• Human activities
• Transport, Communication and International Trade
• Resources and Development
• Geographical Perspective on selected issues and problems

Trying to know geography practically is useful in the long run. It helps in understanding the concept of every geography chapters quickly. While reading about a land form, if possible, visit that place to know about the place and people.

Try to understand as much as possible about what you are studying by finding more about the culture, climate, environment, landscape, people, economy and history of a particular place over the internet. Nowadays, without visiting a particular place, we can get the required information through the internet.

Focus on chapters like Resource and development, human activities and transport, communication & trade because questions frequently come from these chapters. First of all, it is necessary that you make your concept clear on each and every chapters.

Part A, that is “Fundamentals of Human Geography” consists all about human beings along with the Map Work which carries 5 marks. These chapters can be read as stories first. Then after understanding the concept of these chapters, it is recommended that the students start making notes. For this, they can refer to the CBSE Study Notes as well as Topper Notes. Map Practice is also very much vital. And for this, the students need to practice Maps every day, locate the desired spots. In this way, they will start developing an idea of locating particular spots when asked on their exam paper.

Part B, which is- “India: People and Economy.” All the chapters can be read in the form of stories. Then start preparing notes with the help of Topper Notes as well as CBSE Study Notes. Along with these, some reference books of Geography can also be taken for better note- making.

Part C is the- Practical Work. So it can be seen that students can get good scores in geography if they study the subject with interest and ease. They should not panic if they find it hard to memorize some chapters. For this, they can take the help of the cbse class 12th sample paper, CBSE Previous Year Question Papers of Geography. Go through those questions. If they find questions relating to those chapters, they should start making notes on those questions. These will make them in gaining some confidence if they face similar questions in the examination hall.

There are some terms in Geography which might be new for some students. For this, they can make flash cards along with the meaning of those words and start learning each new word every day.

After memorizing all the definitions, go through the cbse class 12th sample paper, CBSE Previous Year Question Papers and try to search questions based on definitions. If there are questions on the same, then start writing those definitions in your own words. After you have completed all the chapters of Part A and Part B, now start appearing for the cbse 12th online test on Geography. This cbse online test series prepares the students for facing the exam with confidence.

While attempting your cbse 12th online test on Geography, go through the whole question paper before answering and write the long answers in points.

Therefore, due to excessive competition, one cannot ignore the importance of CBSE Study material like the cbse online test series for scoring their desired marks.