How to prepare and score good marks in Hindi Paper ?

The CBSE Hindi syllabus for Class 9 gets divided into four books, known as the- kritika, Sanchayan, Kshitij, and Sparsh. Previously, in the ancient schools of learning, Knowledge Sharing took place through the offline mode where the teacher taught the students in Gurukuls(ashrams). Nowadays due to the available CBSE Online test series , students find exams easier. The CBSE has planned well the test series for each and every class. So a student of Class 9 can also opt for the Online test series class 9 if he or she wish to score better marks in their exams. The NCERT Solutions for Class 9th Hindi are easily available and covers all the four books and provides detailed guidance on exercise covered under each chapter of these books. Apart from these, the students can also go through the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers.
Also some students who are too much serious about their exams, go through the Toppers Notes. The style of writing of the toppers are of great significance in the preparation of notes. Now, take a detailed look at each book in the syllabus for better understanding of what students can learn through the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Hindi.
To ensure that students get their best learning experience for exam preparations, NCERT Solutions Class 9th Hindi are preferred. Side by side , the Class 9 student can also go through the CBSE class 9th sample paper. This will help them get an idea of the pattern of questions that can come in the examination.
Students can prepare well for the following chapters through their Class 9 Hindi Solutions.

• Is Jal Pralay Mein
• Mere Sang Ki Auratein
• Reedh Ki Haddi
• Mati Wali
• Kis Tarah Aakhirkar Mein Hindi Mein Aaya

Learning Hindi gets easier than ever with our NCERT Solutions Class 9 Hindi Kshitji. Students strengthen their grammatical understanding of the subject by practicing the given exercises with each chapter of the book. Further, to check their grasp of the subject as well as examine how well they are prepared for the exam, it is better if students compare their handwritten notes with the CBSE Study Notes. They can also refer to the Class 9 Hindi Solutions on Kshitji.
Following chapters are important for class 9 cbse hindi student-

• adSavaiye by Raskhan
• Vakh By Lalgh

The first chapter is quite tough and for this the students can go through the CBSE Study Notes which will make the students to understand the chapters easily.
Sanchayan, another Hindi NCERT Solutions Class 9 book is also very pocket friendly for the Hindi exam. Through this book, students can develop the necessary skill to answer questions and score high. Practicing questions regularly from Diya jal Uthe, Hammid Khan makes the students confident for writing their Hindi exam. In addition to this , the student can go through the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers.
Following chapters are important for the Hindi exam:

• Hammid Khan
• Smriti
• Gillu
• Mera Chota Sa Niji Pustakalay
• Kallu Kumar Ki Unnakoti

Most of these chapters relate to the author’s life, his perspectives.
Sparsh is the fourth of Hindi syllabus for class 9 CBSE. Most students find this portion tough. To ease the preparation, go through the references , that is the Topper Notes and CBSE class 9th sample paper. After going through the references for a few days, you will find that ‘Sparsh’ is very easy. On the other hand, the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 CBSE are mixes of prose and poetries. The important chapters covered in this book includes-

• Dhool by Ramvilas Sharma
• Kichad Ka Kavya by Kaka Kalekar
• Raidas Ke Pad

The first two chapters are quite tough, so the students after memorizing these chapters can appear for the Online test series class 9. After repeatedly appearing for the online exams, candidates can score good marks when questions appear from these chapters.
Therefore, since there are various types of CBSE Study material today, so if a student wish to score good marks in Hindi, he/she has to follow anyone and if possible all the study material daily.