How to prepare and score good marks in Hindi Paper ?

Let us list out the points on why you should learn Hindi first

•Hindi is the fourth most populous language in the world after English
•Hindi is the national language of our country
•If you learn Hindi you can travel any where in India without any problem
•You can add Hindi as a language known in your resume in future
•If you are really good in Hindi ,you can get employed .
•You can help others .

Hindi can help you even after leaving the school ,Hindi is not only about getting marks,it has many practical uses ,so while learning in school level take extra care .Learning any language requires strong basics ,start from alphabets,without you knowing all the alphabets you will never learn the language properly .Sometimes it so happens that you can speak Hindi fluently but you can’t write ,and vice-versa .For people who are good at writing and not speaking below are some of the tips mentioned for you:

1.Tuition teacher : languages can be learnt by listening,talking and writing .For this it is better to hire a tuition teacher who can fluently speak and write in Hindi ,start talking in Hindi with them ,
Start listening to songs,stories in Hindi.If you want to become very proficient in Hindi start writing stories ,imagine characters give them names .
Tuition teacher will come to a great help for this.

2.Online tutor:If you are someone who doesn’t have much time to spend on learning ,then online tutor will come to a great help for you,because there may be plenty of them ,most of them are available when ever you want ,you can pay only for the classes you listened .
They will teach you exactly what you asked .It is always better to go for a online tutor .Hindi is taught not only in schools but also in coaching centers .Even working people learn this language .

For people who can speak Hindi well but can’t write well ,here are some tips for you: test series: online test series is not only for school students but also for people who can’t write ,but you need to practice before taking online test series
You can assess where you are at in the writing part ,series start from basics ,you can find even alphabet level exams online .
Some websites give free tests up to some levels.

2.practice test:If you want to practice in an organized way then you can opt for practice test ,they are available online / offline.Practice test are also available for all the levels unlike test series practice test is all about you practicing till you learn .
It basically concentrates on the teaching and self learning and self assessment .School students can buy practice test and practice at home ,add them in the daily homework part so that you can have deeper learning .

Tips for only school students
Unlike working people ,school goers must and should learn Hindi, as it is a part of their syllabus .

1. CBSE study material: For school students CBSE study material is very important ,it will cover meanings,opposite words,tenses,stories .Always write a copy of your syllabus and stick it in you Hindi book.keep track of topics you learn.

2. CBSE study notes: CBSE study notes will be prepared by experts in Hindi,they know exactly what to write in the notes ,based on each class they prepare the notes.These notes will be available in most of the websites and it may vary from writer to writer ,so choose wisely.

Now let us focus on how to get more marks in Hindi:

1.Toppers notes: Before going to exam ,once go through your class topper notes,plan a week before the exam.After all the preparation you did it will be easy for you while you go through toppers notes.

2. CBSE previous year question papers: Maintain a record of all the CBSE previous year question papers ,collect at least 5 such papers and write a mock exam in your home while you have time.As you have already prepared so much ,the exam will not scare you now .Write all the previous year question papers imagining that you are in the exam Hall.

Follow these tips step by step and you will find no difficulty in getting good marks .