How to Prepare and score Good marks in Hindi Paper?

Hindi is the national language of our country .Hindi is the fourth most spoken language in the world ,beating Chinese,Spanish,English .These two reasons are more than enough for any student why one should learn Hindi .Along with the above mentioned reasons there are few more

  • Hindi and Urdu are similar,grammar and vocabulary are same for both
  • Hindi is one the important languages of South east Asian countries.
  • Hindi is a phonetic language ,there is no difficulty in pronunciation as you pronounce what you write .
  • Easy to learn new words
  • You can become multilingual .

For students who want to get good marks in CBSE board exams then follow the tips given below

  • CBSE previous years question ┬ápapers: collect all the CBSE previous year question papers of 7th standard ,right before you enter into 7th standard .File all these papers and keep them neatly .While studying a lesson find out the questions asked in those CBSE previous years question papers from the respective lessons.

By doing this if you can’t answer any question ,then try to find answer to that question .If you find any question in those papers which is twisted or difficult to answer then don’t leave that question .

When you solve these type of questions ,you are automatically preparing yourselves to answer any twisted question which you will come across in the board exams .

  • CBSE study material : Refer to CBSE study material while answering the CBSE previous years question papers ,if you had found any difficulty like I have mentioned before search for the clues in the CBSE study material.

Sometimes answers can be found directly but sometimes you can’t find them directly .Don’t give up on those questions ,but try to answer them by taking help from anyone.

  • CBSE Study notes: Start your study notes with alphabets ,then go for words ,even if you are proficient in Hindi also follow this pattern to make your CBSE study notes .After the words write your lessons list in a separate page

Now write the question and answers ,grammar,vocab related to the lesson along with headings of that lesson .Do this immediately after your lesson is done in school.Refer to many books ,websites ,topper notes before making the notes .

  • Topper notes : If you didn’t make a notes of your own ,then at least go through topper notes before exam ,try to have discussions with them about the topics.Feel free to go for combined studies .I would suggest combined studies only weeks before the exam,but don’t go for combined studies right before the exams.

Some students will face difficulty in speaking in Hindi ,for these students you should try to talk in Hindi with your friends .

  • Online test series : For all the competitive exams you take in India,Hindi is given as a option for the language in which you want the paper to be .So you can take any online test series in Hindi also ,you don’t have to panic if you can’t ┬áread in English .

online test series can be taken for Hindi also ,if you are in the beginning stages of Hindi then you must take online test series .They won’t take much time .These test series will be available right from alphabets .

They will provide the tests in all levels,by the end of the test series you will reach at least intermediate level in Hindi .Many websites will provide free tests in Hindi,you have to research on those sites and find out the best one .

  • Practice test : practice test will also be available even in the audio forms ,you can listen to the audio and answer the questions related to the audio .Before attempting the test series go for practice test series if you don’t have confidence .

Practice test will also be available in both audio and video.

For students who are finding difficulty while speaking :

  • Listen to stories in Hindi
  • Start reading novels in Hindi
  • Don’t hesitate to make mistakes
  • Start writing small stories in Hindi
  • Imagine characters in Hindi
  • Try to listen at least something in Hindi everyday as the burden will reduce if you put in efforts everyday
  • Don’t get disappointed if you can’t learn right away.
  • Attend coaching centers if required
  • If you want to become proficient then definitely join a coaching center ,they will also provide you certificate after the course is done .

Tips for preparation :

  • Language learning is a continuous process so put efforts continuously .
  • For writing make a separate notes
  • If you are making spelling mistakes practice the answers at least thrice
  • Whenever you go to a place where is spoken ,then you can try to speak in Hindi
  • Any language learning has three steps listening ,writing ,reading ,so learn following these steps .