How to Prepare and score Good marks in Hindi Paper?

There are many advantages for learning Hindi

  • Urdu is a huge bonus if you learn Hindi ,Urdu and Hindi are the same for conversational purpose.
  • Most of words in Hindi  have their roots from Persian.
  • There are many synonyms in Hindi for a single word ,this will help you in holding up with the language .

How to get more marks in Hindi :

CBSE previous years question papers :Most of the questions will be repeated in CBSE previous years question papers ,concentrate on both the question and answer part and bits parts .

For the question and answer part you need to practice writing answers ,the way you present the answer is very important .Sometimes the question will be direct you don’t have to explain the answer.But for some questions you need to give complete explanation.

For long answers you need to start the answer with relevant topic and elaborate it as you go on . When you answer the CBSE previous years question papers you will understand how you should answer the question based on the marks allocated to it .

Don’t elaborate the answer for less marks questions ,answer these questions in a single line .This is the benefit you get when you answer CBSE previous years question papers.

CBSE study material :CBSE study material will have all the answers for question,grammar,meanings everything will be covered.This material will help during exams .If you are weak in Hindi then you should prepare right from the beginning .

Start from alphabets ,most of the CBSE study materials will have from beginning .Foundation for Hindi is alphabets ,after learning alphabets you need to learn words .Learn meanings of these words .

Then go for sentence formations and grammar .

CBSE study note : Start making CBSE study note from the first day itself ,this notes should contain all the points that you are finding difficulty to learn or understand .

Read while you write the notes ,if you are facing difficulty in reading long sentences at a time ,you better divide the sentence into parts and read it .If you want to read it fastly ,then pick any news paper of your choice and allocate some time for it everyday.

If you can read well but can’t understand what you are reading then that means you probably don’t know the meaning of all the words in the sentence.For that you need to learn the meaning.

If you can’t write well then you need to practice a lot ,if you are making spelling mistakes frequently then,,then you should write the answer once or twice before attempting in the exam.If there are any difficult words then you need to write the words twice or thrice.

If you can’t speak well in Hindi ,then you should start talking in Hindi ,let yourself make those mistakes ,don’t give up because you are making mistakes .Start listening to stories in Hindi .You can also listen to songs ,audio files and watch videos in Hindi .

The more you listen conversations in  Hindi only then you can speak in Hindi fluently .

Topper notes : If you didn’t make CBSE study notes then ask your class topper notes ,and go through it.Most of the toppers will have strategy .This notes will give you some basic knowledge about each lesson.

Once you become familiar with the lessons ,then you can start answering the questions .Listen to the lesson properly understand the moral of the lesson. Moral of the lesson will be asked in question papers .

Topper notes should be like a reference book for you .40% of the questions will be direct ,which means you can answer these questions by listening to the class .

If you are in the beginning phase of learning Hindi then go for online test series and practice test.

Online test series : Online test series will be in the format of  meanings ,opposite words ,grammar ,question and answers,stories etc.If you want to learn more meanings then you can go for only meanings parts ,like wise it works for all the other parts .

Find out which part you are finding most difficulty in ,don’t ignore other parts .These online test series will have time limit which means you should be well prepared before the exam to attempt these exams.

Before going for online test series it is better to go for practice test series also .

Practice test series :Practice test series will not have any time limit .You can clear all your doubts before going for the exam.As the practice test series will not have negative marks you don’t have to panic while answering a question .

These tests will have many levels and each level will have questions based on the level you have chosen .So you can answer level after level.