How to prepare and score good marks in Hindi Paper ?

Here we provide some useful and effective exam tips for planning and revising your subjects with full focus through the CBSE Study material. These exam tips are normally suggested by the best CBSE teachers and school toppers. These exam tips helps you get the desired marks in your exams-

• Preparing a proper study plan chart with proper time allotment is necessary because the Hindi syllabus is vast. Hindi Core has four chapters. All are important but every student may not find all the chapters easy. For students who find these chapters hard, just go through the cbse class 11th sample paper. By scanning through all the questions, you can have an idea of which questions to prepare from which chapters and also from those chapters which you find tough.

• Some students say that they find Hindi Elective tough. First go through all the Chapters headings. Understand what it means in your own words. Then start reading the Chapters one by one casually. After reading the first chapter, you will get an idea of what it intends to say. Then start preparing notes.

Initially you can start with the CBSE Study Notes and then move to the Toppers Notes. After you are done with the first chapter, then start solving previous year question papers. For this , you can go through the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers on Hindi. Find a list of questions which were tough and ask your teachers for help. Even if you are not satisfied with what your teacher explained , then go through the CBSE Study material. After you prepared answered on those questions properly, now get it checked down by some mentor whom you find trustworthy.

As they correct your answers, now start memorizing the answers. For memorization you can write down repeatedly what you memorized just now or you can use flashcards. Write down the sentence or the word which you find it hard to memorize in one go. Now revise those sentences or words at least thrice in a day for at least a week. Then attempt those answer after a week. If you found it alright, then shift to the second question and follow the same procedure.

Also some students regularly appear for the cbse online test series like the Online test series class 11 on Hindi subject and are able to score good marks. It is always good to stick to a fixed study plan. Frequent change of your study routine will create boredom which may hamper your chances of getting good marks.

• Self motivation along with self-study is also essential. Only preparing notes through CBSE Study Notes and Topper Notes are not enough. Studying these notes with full concentration are also vital for reaching your goal with ease.

• Practicing the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers of at least ten years will help you for proper time management in the board exams and make your scores high easily.

• It is usually suggested by toppers not to study for long hours at a stretch. Because hours cannot assure success. Continuous studying for long hours like 8-11 hours a day will not help you. Breaks are necessary for improving the quality of your study. Take sufficient amount of breaks between your study hours.

• Proper revising of all the lessons is mandatory. To make your revision more appropriate, just keep appearing for the Online test series class 11- Hindi. Solving the cbse class 11th sample paper part by part will also increase your confidence.

• Setting a target everyday is vital for success. After the end of the day check your status of reaching the target. Try to complete everyday itself.

• It can helps to get the main idea of the questioning concept from every chapter. Also it provides the idea of managing our exam duration.
And lastly, to make your Hindi revision smartly , it is best to go through the CBSE Study material like the cbse online test series of Hindi Core and Hindi Elective.