How to prepare and score good marks in Hindi Paper ?

It is usually seen that Hindi subject is convenient for those students who have their mother- tongue Hindi or who can converse quickly in this subject. It can be taken as an Elective or a Core subject in CBSE. There are 4 units in Hindi (Core). It is good to follow prescribed books. Then again, there are 4 units in Hindi (Elective). Different reference books can be followed for Hindi (Elective). Nowadays, for making students score well in their examinations, various CBSE Study material like the cbse online test series and many other study materials have been launched by the CBSE.

But while preparing for your Hindi exam, the CBSE Class 12 students should remember some last preparation techniques-

• Going through the cbse class 12th sample paper of Hindi
Every year CBSE releases Sample Papers for Class 12th few months before the board exams commences. These Sample Papers contains important questions along with the answers.The sample paper for Hindi (Core) and Hindi (Elective) are extremely important for giving the final analysis to the preparation level of Hindi board exam. With the help of these cbse class 12th sample paper students are easily acquainted with latest examination pattern of CBSE Class 12 Hindi board exam.

• CBSE Previous Year Question Papers of Class 12 Hindi Board Exams
The previous years’ question papers of Class 12 Hindi Board Exams are extremely important to understand the expected level of questions. While going through these CBSE Previous Year Question Papers of Hindi, students can also learn about important concepts which can include the Grammar portion as questions from these sections frequently occur in CBSE Class 12 Hindi Board Exams. So, revising through the previous years’ papers is a great way to increase your preparation quality.

• CBSE Board Toppers’ Notes
While preparing for their CBSE 12th Hindi board exams, students come up with questions like, “What are some of the tips for writing answers in CBSE boards?” Handwritten answers booklets or the scanned copies of CBSE Toppers Notes are answers to such queries.

• CBSE Study Notes for Last Day Revision
Quick Revision done in the form of those CBSE Study Notes should be in précised form and in concise length as much as possible, normally 1 chapter in an A4 sheet. With such notes formatting, one can surely complete revision of the whole syllabus on the last day just before the exam begins.

In Hindi Core, even though all the Chapters are important, but Chapter 3 is the most important. Because it carries a lot of marks. So, for improving your writing and understanding ability from this chapter. Firstly, students must go through this chapter and read it casually. Then after their first reading, they need to see which difficult words and sentences, they found hard to grasp. So, while in their second reading, they need to mark those important words or phrases/ sentences and understand their meaning by asking their Hindi teacher or searching on the Hindi dictionary or just google it.

So, after understanding the meaning of those words or sentence/ phrases, just write down in your note making copy or on the side of that page as to what you understood in your own words. This then, revise in your free time, at least twice in a day. Now read the whole chapter again and you will see that you can understand easily what the author is trying to tell you. After you have prepared your required notes on this Chapter, start mugging it up.

Once you are done with it, and all the other chapters, start appearing for the cbse 12th online test of Hindi Core. Before appearing for this test, create an examination like environment in your time, with the timer set. After you have completed this test, you will get an idea of how your preparation is and whether it requires any more preparation or not.
The same format of preparation applies for Hindi Elective. After all the chapters are prepared thoroughly, appear for the cbse 12th online test of Hindi Elective.

Thus, the CBSE Study material like the cbse online tests series proved beneficial for many students who followed it dedicatedly.