How to prepare and score good marks in History Paper ?

In the country like India, students pay a lot of importance on subjects like medical and engineering because these professions are considered to be very lucrative. From the very tender age, children are made to fall in love with subjects such as Mathematics and Science. This creates less interest in subjects like social sciences because they are not acquainted much with this subject. So, kids are not found of knowing the history of India, world and much more. And so as they get promoted from one class to another, they get in touch with history and start ignoring it. But the Knowledge Sharing initiative taken by the CBSE through the CBSE Study material has created interest among the students in History subject.
History, is more like listening to stories. Almost everyone loves listening to stories. But in the examination hall, students get nervous while writing their answers. So below are some of the few tips that will surely help you in scoring good marks in history:

• Flashcards Are Useful For Remembering People, Types of Events And Dates- The main summary of each chapter from the CBSE Study Notes and Topper Notes can be written down in flashcards. This will lead to the retaining of the concepts better. Hence make it a point to make a note of the all the dates in flashcards and just write one lone with regard to the significance of the date. If you want to make it colorful, you are welcome to do so. However, putting too much emphasis on the styling of the flashcards will lead to reduce your study hours.

• Emphasizing On Notes Making- Note making in History becomes a bit difficult for students because they have to remember minutely each and every detail of dates, events, significance too. So to make your preparation in a smarter way, just go through the CBSE Study Notes and Topper Notes. There you will get an idea of how to make your notes from the examination point of view.

• Mnemonics Are Helpful For Memorizing Facts- Individuals are unique in their way of remembering different things. Things which you feel important might not be that much significant to someone else. So it is a good habit to come up with your own mnemonics when it comes to memorizing facts. An important aspect of answering the history question paper is to answer it in a systematic way. Mnemonics justify the data recalled is in the correct order.

• Format Of Examination- It is good to be aware of the format of the examination beforehand. By going through the cbse class 11th sample paper of History or the Online test series class 11 History, and practicing those questions everyday, students will gain confidence and bit relaxed because this way they will understand in the examination hall which questions to attempt first and which not.

• Take Practice Tests- It is usually seen in class 11 history exams that some students cannot complete the paper on time and they complain later that the question paper was too lengthy. But this is a myth prevailing among those students. Actually these students do not follow the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers, cbse online test series diligently. So when they come to the examination hall for their history exam, they cannot schedule their time on the given questions. So it is very necessary that all students should follow the CBSE Study material before writing their final exam.

• Prepare Those Long Questions beforehand- Any history question paper is bound to have some long descriptive type questions in it. The advantage of this type of questions is that they are often repetitive in nature. That is why it is advantageous to go through those broad questions on cbse class 11th sample paper, Online test series class 11 and prepare your answers appropriately beforehand. This will increase your history marks.
Therefore, students must understand the benefits given by the CBSE Board. Hence they should utilize those CBSE Study material appropriately for their history exam.