How to Prepare and score Good marks in Informatics Practices Paper?

let us first find out the course structure for informatics practices

  • Data base management systems -30% of marks
  • Programming -25% of total marks
  • Networking -10% of total marks
  • Applications of IT-5% of total marks

Let us also find out the syllabus for informatics practices :

Chapter 1:Open standards and networking

  • Concepts used in open source concepts

1.common open standards used


  • Computer networking

1.basic concepts of MAC,IP address

2.Identification of computers networks used

3.types of networks used :PAN,MAN,LAN,WAN

4.Co-axial,Ethernet cable ,optical fiber

  • Chapter 2:programming

1.Inheritance and basic concepts used

2.Use of interfaces

3.HTML based web pages

4. MYSQL database

  • Chapter 3:Relational Database Management base

1.Database transaction concepts

  1. Committing and revoking of a transaction using COMMIT and REVOKE

3.Grouping records ,group functions :SUM( ),COUNT( ),AVG( ),MAX( ).

4.Display of data from multiple tables

5.Cartesian product

6.Concept of altering ,creating and deleting of tables

7.Concept of foreign key

  • Chapter 4:APPLICATIONS :

1.Front end interface

2.Back end interface

3.Front end database connectivity

Tips to attempt the exam:

  • After the paper is given ,try to relax for a while spend at least fifteen minutes of time on scanning the paper
  • If the paper has ┬áboth question and answer and choose the correct answers ,then pick the one in which you are perfect
  • It is always better to set time and answer a question within the time limit .
  • Try to highlight important points

Let us find out what is informatics practices :

It is a field which is used to research the information given ,by using the information you can solve problems related to variety of fields. To the information collected we need to find the correction .We need to perform an analysis to the data we have .For statisticians and mathematicians they use data analysis or statistical analysis .

It also helps in gaining knowledge about a computer system and it’s peripherals.We can also understand the application development process .It also sharpens programming skills.It also helps you gaining knowledge about ┬áDatabase creation and ANSI SQL .

To get more marks in informatics practices

CBSE previous years question papers :This subject requires lot of practice and focus. Collect all the CBSE previous years question papers and try to recognize questions related to the same topic and write down all of these questions in a book .

Similarly write for next topics.After completion of a lesson answer the questions related to that topic .This will help you remember more .CBSE previous years question papers will also help you understand the pattern of the exam.

CBSE study material : Read CBSE study material before going for a class .This will help you understand the session better .These topics will be difficult to understand .So you should do your part of work before going to the session. CBSE study material will have lot of information to study .

Collect other materials also related to the topics if you want.The more you spend time on reading then you can understand these topics well.Most of the questions asked in the papers will not be direct .Most of the questions will be practical applications of the lessons you read.

CBSE study notes : CBSE study notes can be like a running notes for you ,you can write down important points in the classroom itself,don’t write shortcuts while writing running notes .Try to write the points with more clarity .

Sometimes there will be flowcharts or steps you need to follow in that case write down carefully .CBSE study notes will be available in websites also .Always be strong in the basics .

Topper notes : If you can’t understand anything in this subject ,try to take help from your classmates ,try to have group discussions with them.Ask any of your friend to explain you the lesson.Try to clarify the doubts .You can also do exercises together .

Try to relate everything you are reading with a practical application.If you didn’t read the material then at least try to read topper notes ,this will help you understanding the basics.

Online test series : Online test series will be mostly available in the choose the correct answer formats ,so you should prepare beforehand and then attempt the series.This online test series will help you understand the topics points wise .

Most of the online test series will be application based questions,so while preparing the theory keep in mind to relate everything you read to applications .If possible you can also work on the software related to the theory.

Practice test :As the test series will be difficult to answer ,you can go for practice test first ,even for practice test you can choose the level of hardness .Start from the easy levels and then go for higher levels.These test will help you only when you have lot of dedication.