How to prepare and score good marks in Math Paper ?

The CBSE Class 9 exams are a crucial time for a student. It the time where each student prepares for an All India Level Examination. They prepare for a platform to compete between lakhs of students across India.
Maths is one of the most important subjects for a student who wants to build a career in a science background. Maths trains students with basic operational skills which is required in every day to day work. Class 9 exams are the most critical stage of a student’s life. CBSE Class 9 examination prepares students who will be facing tougher competitive exams later. It also makes the students ready for the Class 10 CBSE examination. Class 10’s marks play a vital role in the career of a person. To apply for any job or post, an individual is required to present his/her Class 10 Marksheet and Certificate.


1. CBSE Previous Year Question Papers
To prepare efficiently for CBSE Class 9 Board examinations, you need to refer to CBSE Previous Year Question Papers. You should thoroughly go through every CBSE Previous Year Question Papers. CBSE Maths exam is for 3 hours. Firstly, you should sit in a peaceful place, without any outside disturbance. Then, you should choose one paper from the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers that you wish to solve. The order of the paper need not be chronological. You may select any random paper of your choice. And then, just like you will give your actual examination, you should solve that CBSE Previous Year Question Paper. You should sit for 3 hours and honestly solve the CBSE Previous Year Question Paper. After solving the paper, you should analyse what mistakes you made and on what topics you need to give special attention to.

2. Class 9th Practice Test and Online test series
Your school might be providing you with several Class 9th Practice Tests. There a many Class 9th Practice Tests and Online test series for class 9 available online as well. You should go through every such Class 9th Practice Test and Online test series which are prepared exclusively for students like you. They prove to be a guide for the students. These Class 9th Practice Tests and Online test series for class contain a variety of questions that are expected to come in your exams. They are prepared by experts to enhance your preparation. They give an insight to the students about where they stand in this All India competition.

3. CBSE Study material/CBSE Study Notes
The most important question that arises in the minds of every student aspiring to secure good marks in any exam is that from where should he/she refer to for his/her preparation. CBSE Study material/CBSE Study Notes are a perfect source for such ambitious students. They are prepared, keeping in mind the present syllabus of the CBSE class 9 exams. Relevant questions are selected to give the students the right exposure for their exam preparation. Maths is a subject where a very small mistake can lead to a wrong answer. It is, therefore, very important that you refer to the material that contains accurate information. The study material that you refer to, should have all the formulae correctly written, without any discrepancy. CBSE Study material/CBSE Study Notes are, therefore, ideal for good preparation.

4. Toppers Notes
Another ideal source for students is Toppers Notes. As the name says, these Toppers Notes are prepared by toppers, who have experienced CBSE board exams in the near past. They have the right knowledge of the syllabus and what topics are most important to cover, for excellent performance in the CBSE board examination. These notes contain the exact content, which is neither extra nor less. These Toppers Notes have accurate data including the formulae and questions that are as per the CBSE’s standards.

5.Tuition Teacher or Online Tutor
One most essential question for every parent and student is whether they should go for a Tuition Teacher or an Online Tutor. Securing good marks is not very easy for every student. If you talk about the school curriculum, other activities take place in school which is not oriented towards board exams. The timetables of schools are such, that the teachers are unable to solve every doubt of every student. Here comes the role of tuition, which allow the students to get their doubts solved in very less time. Offline teaching is where a tuition teacher teaches the students with the old method, like that in schools and Online teaching is where the study material is available online and the students are taught in an online platform.

While some guardians prefer hiring a Tuition teacher for their child, some choose to go for an Online tutor. Today is an era where technology has taken over. Every person looks forward to these technologies for the solution to their queries. Children too are more driven towards mobiles and computers. Many schools have adopted the digital mode of teaching. Though the bad effects of technology cannot be overlooked, the positive sides also cannot be denied. If handled with care, Online Tutors can prove to be the best source of knowledge for each student.

Keeping in mind the above tips and guidelines you can prepare yourself for Board Exams to the best of your capabilities. Following these tips with honesty, you can assure yourself to stand out amongst your competitors.