How to prepare and score good marks in Maths Paper ?

Are you worried about not getting good marks in math? We are here to help you. After reading all the tips mentioned below you will find it easy to solve math problems.Math is a subject which requires practice, only on practicing well you can score good marks, practice comes under preparation. Sometimes it so happens that you may have practiced but you wouldn’t have scored good marks, here the main reason will be not practicing enough.You must always practice enough, solve more problems, solve from other books. I will give you detailed steps on how to prepare first and then how to attempt the exam to get more marks.

How to prepare math:

1. Planning: Plan your timetable such that you spend a little time extra after school hours specially for math. You need to finish your school homework of math subject first here, because it will always help you to maintain that continuation with the class.

2.Try to solve on your own: While practicing make it a habit of not taking help from others, if you can’t solve the remaining problems then you can take help from your teachers.

3.Syllabus: Always keep a copy of syllabus paper with you
Here I mentioned the topics for class 6th math:


If you want to prepare for Olympiads or any other competitive exams right from class 6th then you sure need to practice more ,for students who are really into math and can allocate time ,you must and should follow the below mentioned tips. test series math: You can find online test series math in many websites and many educational apps. It’s up to you to choose according to your convenience. Most of these require you to pay some amount of money, but if you have time you can get model test series math on various websites.

2.practice test math:Most of the students just pay the money or download the papers from online and don’t touch the papers until exam time arrives ,it is sure that if you don’t practice test math right from the beginning ,it becomes tough at the last minute ,so plan accordingly .

3. CBSE study material: Always refer to different books from different publishers, if you are from CBSE borrow books of ICSE, vice versa doing so will expose you to many different varieties or models of problems. CBSE study material is the best to choose as it has so much explanation for each problem. Also prepare yourself CBSE study notes while studying any topic .
These notes “CBSE study notes” should contain all the important points and formula, make it a habit to put books with more papers so that you will keep it as a dictionary for even class 7.

4. CBSE previous years question papers: Yes, you heard me right that is CBSE previous years question papers, let me explain you why?
Collect all the previous year’s papers as much as you can and prepare all those papers, you can understand the paper setter mind here, when you prepare for so many papers you easily get confidence and exposure.

5.Toppers notes: Don’t be shy to ask the toppers notes ,read topper notes thorough, and if you found that you had missed any points or if you had found any different points don’t be shy to ask the topper or teacher .That point you missed may appear in the paper.

6.Tuition teacher: listening to a lesson many times will always help you, when you hire a tuition teacher always ask him/ her to explain the lessons you had missed.Don’t use them solely for problem solving or homework. Ask them to explain the lessons.

7.Online tutor: If you find difficulty in hiring a tuition teacher or if you have no time for all that process, you can always go for online tutors.Online tutors are easy to hire, their experience, qualification, streams everything will be mentioned also you can pay them only for the classes you take from them.

Follow all these steps you will have no difficulty in planning.
Now the important thing, how to write in the exams to get good marks.
Here the notes you prepared before will prove to be a lot of help at the time of exams. Go through topper notes once again before exam and read the notes you prepared on your own.While writing the exam, always start with questions which you are confident about.

This gives you a boost for the not so confident questions. If you find difficulty in remembering the formulas don’t panic ,first solve all the problems you know then take time to remember .
With all the practice and hard work you did, you will score good marks in math.