How to Prepare and score Good marks in Math Paper?

Let us start with syllabus for 7th standard CBSE Math . 1.Number system :

  • Integers
  • Fractions
  • Rational numbers
  • Powers
  • Rational numbers
  • Algebra
  • Algebraic expressions
  • Ratio and proportion 3.Geometry
  • Understanding shapes
  • Properties of triangles
  • Symmetry
  • Representing 3-D in 2-D
  • Congruence
  • Construction Mensuration
  • Data handling

We can clearly see that number system and geometry has more topics and need more  practice .For on paper You will need tools for those drawings If you can observe you can see that all the topics are interested to each other.You can constructions as each lesson carries a weight-age.

How to get good marks :

  • Practice test math : For geometry it is better to practice the constructions before going to exam.For mensuration you need to learn all the For algebra you have to solve the quadratic equations.

Practice with Practice test math which will in the same pattern as that of the test.It will help you in understanding the pattern,weight-age ,time management etc.

They will give you bundle of papers based on the syllabus, if you are facing difficulty with a particular topic then practice more test paper math of that topic.

  • Online test series math:After completion of practice test math,go for the online test series math,major mistake every student does is they will still for practice tests don’t do that.

While attempting online test series math attempt the easy and well known topics first then go for the topics which you find hard.Make this as a habit for every exam.Most of the online test series have choose the correct answer type questions.You need to solve fast because the time limit is very low .

This helps you in solving problems fast .At least once a week take online tests.

  • CBSE previous years question papers

Collect as man CBSE previous years question papers and try to solve them without any help.First solve all the papers ,mark all the unanswered questions.

When you practice all these questions most of the topics will be covered.So focus on the unanswered questions .

  • CBSE study material:For topics like mensuration you need lot of theory,it may look like it is filled with formula only but you need proofs for this formulas. CBSE study material will come to help.

This material will contain all the proofs ,theories .Sometimes even theories and proofs will be asked in the exams.So practice proofs also.

Also solve variety of problems ,purchase books of different publisher and solve them also.

For 7th standard you can attempt math Olympiad,other competitive exams ,for getting good marks in competitive exams you must and should refer to many books .Don’t hesitate to apply for these exams

  • CBSE study notes:Maintain study notes from 6th standard.Before entering into 7th standard go through CBSE study notes you made in 6th standard.So that you don’t forget the basics.

You can prepare study notes by referring to all the other notes available on different websites,write.Don’t forget to learn short cuts for problem solving.

Don’t use these shortcuts in board exams use them only for competitive exams.Write down all the shortcuts .

If you can’t understand any lessons of math ,then you should hire a tuition teacher or online tutor and ask them to explain the lesson again.

  • Tuition teacher: Tuition teachers will explain the same lesson again,they will also explain new lessons .Students must and should listen to lessons with great concentration that is one of the ways of gaining knowledge.

So always ask your tuition teacher to explain lessons.Clarify all the doubts you have ask all the unanswered questions which you didn’t solve while solving the previous year papers .

Papers are really very easy to find,you can also get online classes evenonYouTube.Therearemanywebsiteswhereyoucangetonlineclassesforfree with complete explanation of the lessons.

  • Topper notes : If you didn’t make any notes or if you are absent to some classes then borrow your class topper notes and learn them .Never skip a topic ,try to learn at least basics about that topic.

Why should students take math seriously ?

  • Math is an every day subject.
  • Math will come even in your graduation if you choose it as main subject.
  • Math is related to every other subject.
  • you can make lively hood out of math.

For competitive exams like IIT math is one of the main subjects . How to prepare for math:

  • Solve at least few problems everyday 2.Read all the formulas again and again
  • If you don’t know tables until 20 ,you have to learn them now .
  • Tables makes math easier
  • Choose a table and keep clean 6.practice is the key.
  • Make a time table right from the very beginning . Follow all these tips to get good marks in math.