How to Prepare and score Good marks in Math Paper?

Let us find out the syllabus for 8th standard math:

  • Rational numbers
  • Linear equations in one variable
  • Understanding quadrilaterals
  • Practical geometry
  • Data handling
  • Squares and square roots
  • Cubes and cube roots
  • Comparing quantities
  • Algebraic expressions and identities
  • Visualizing solid shapes
  • Mensuration
  • Exponents and powers
  • Direct and indirect proportions
  • Factorization
  • Introduction to graphs
  • Playing with numbers.

Reasons why students should know the syllabus:

  • Helps you in making a study plan
  • You can spend more time on the topics in which you are finding difficulty
  • Allocation of time based on the topic can be done .
  • Weightage of the topic can be known.

When we look at the syllabus it is very clear that some of the topics are from 7th standard .All the other topics are related to geometry and numbers .

For topics related to geometry students need more care ,we can find even drawings in geometry.These topics will also come in future classes,so you need to put some extra care for these topics .Maths is definitely a subject which is not only confined to school or college ,it is a everyday life subject .You will find many levels of math problems ,as you go on solving the problems difficulty level also increases .

As the difficulty level increases ,solving the problems takes time .To reduce this time you need to practice more .If you are also preparing for competitive exams then you need to go for online test series math  and practice test math.

For 8th standard students you need to prepare

CBSE STUDY MATERIAL :CBSE study material will come with all the theory and formulas .Concentrate on both the theory and formulas .CBSE study materials will be published by many authors .These study materials will be sufficient for even competitive exams.

CBSE STUDY NOTES : CBSE study notes will cover all the topics and will have solutions to all  the problems .CBSE study notes will help you a lot even for the competitive exams. CBSE study notes will have theory of each and every topic.Derivation of each formula will be given .

Study notes will be prepared by experts ,these experts will specially focus on important questions and questions that have appeared in exams .You can also make a study notes of your own ,for that you can gather information about the all the topics .

Listening to classes will also be a great help for study notes .

CBSE PREVIOUS YEARS QUESTION PAPERS: Solve  CBSE previous years question papers if you want to get more marks.Solving CBSE previous year question papers will expose to you many questions .Solve all the questions ,if you are facing any difficulty while solving .Then take help .

If you are preparing for competitive exams then you must and should register for any online test series maths ,along with that also register for practice test maths.

Online test series maths: Online test series maths will be available for all competitive exams .School level test series will also be available ,there are so many benefits for taking a online test series ,

  • Exam like experience
  • You can assess your strengths and weakness in maths
  • Taking more online test series will help you overcome the fear of exams.
  • These tests will be prepared by very experienced people .
  • You will become faster

As maths is a subject which demands speed ,practice test math let’s you make mistakes .You need to focus on these mistakes .You should never commit the same mistake again.

Steps to write a practice test maths :

  • Set time limit for your exam practice test math.
  • Select a place where no one will disturb you.
  • Solve the papers in the same way you would solve in the exams.
  • While answering the questions solve easy questions first .
  • Don’t spend much time on tough questions ,this is applicable for both test series and practice test.
  • After the completion of exam ,correct your paper ,find key to all the questions .
  • For practice test key will be given ,for online test also answers will be given
  • Go to the questions where the answer is wrong ,then find the correct solution for that problem.
  • After doing this for a while ,you can solve fastly .

If you haven’t done any of the above mentioned tips then there is a final one that can help you for your exams.Lets us find out how toppers notes will help in exams

  • Ask your class topper notes
  • Go through it ,don’t spend much time on the notes
  • This notes will be a starter for the subject .
  • You should be perfect with all the formulas

You can score more marks in maths if you are thorough with all the formulas, most of the questions will be direct so you need to learn all the formulas .