How to prepare and score good marks in Math Paper ?

Class 10 is the most crucial time for a student. You have the pressure of performing your best to stand out amongst students from different parts of the country. You have to compete on an All India Level in CBSE board exams. And this is something, you don’t wish to take lightly. As your marksheet and certificate is required wherever you go. You also aim at giving competitive exams in near future, to get into a college which you always desired for. You might be wondering if it is possible for you to score an overwhelming CGPA of 10 in your boards. Well, yes, it is possible for you to score even 100% in your mathematics board exam. And guess what, it is not as tough as you think. You just need to follow certain tips and prepare your mind to work consistently to achieve your goal.You should always try to compete with your own self every day. You should try to do a little more than what you did yesterday. Be patient and work hard.

First and foremost, you need to understand that you don’t need to be an extraordinary student to score well in Mathematics. Even a below average student can beat the top ranker of his class. All he needs to do is to practice regularly. To master in mathematics, you only need to take out sufficient time for the subject, daily and study. A minimum of 2.5 hours daily is more than enough if you study daily. There is no shortcut to success. You just need to try harder to make it right. Don’t see the time, see if you are able to grasp the concept clearly. You may sit for 6 hours and do nothing but learn just one concept. Well this is not what is expected from a champion. Study for 2 hours, but make sure that what you’ve studied is embedded firmly in your mind.

1.Prepare a Time Table – You should keep a time table prepared while you are preparing for your boards. There might be certain topics which you find boring or difficult to understand. You might be just scared of any particular topic. Try to complete those topics which you find difficult and boring. This will help you lessen the burden of studies. Give ample time to the difficult topics, so that when you are done with them, you feel relieved. And you can now go for the interesting and easier topics.

2.Look for a good reference (CBSE study material or Toppers Notes) – There are certain study materials that are printed incorrectly. You know, in maths, if one single formula goes wrong, your whole answer turns out to be incorrect. You obviously would not like to take such a risk and will look of a study material that give you correct information, without any misprints. CBSE Study material and Toppers Notes are the best choice. These CBSE study notes are available online. You can refer to these notes for the accurate information that you need for an excellent performance. Experts and toppers, after going through the kind of questions asked in the exam, prepare these CBSE study notes that are as per CBSE’s standards.

3.Solve All The CBSE Previous Year Question Papers and Online test series class 10 – Once you are done with the preparation, you can now solve these question papers and online test series class 10. These question papers and online test of maths class 10 are the best way to test your knowledge and preparation level. Once you have given these practice tests, you should sit and analyse your answers. You should compare your answers. This ways you’ll get to see what mistakes you made, unintentionally, and on what areas you need to focus more on. CBSE Previous Year Question Papers will give you an idea of the pattern of the question paper and what kind of questions are asked. On the other hand, the online test of maths class 10, available online are prepared by experts who go through CBSE’s norms and prepare questions after thoroughly analyzing the paper pattern.

4.Get Yourself A Tuition Teacher Or An Online Tutor – You know very well that scoring good marks is not easy without a teacher, who is there to solve your problems. Someone to get your doubts solved should be there. Talking about school teachers, they don’t have sufficient time to talk to every student about their doubts. You obviously need a tuition, to get all your doubts cleared, from small to large. You might be confused between a Tuition teacher and an online tutor. Well, the choice lies in your hands. A tuition teacher is responsible for teaching you with the old methods of teaching, which is used in schools. An online tutor teaches you virtually and is present 24×7 with you. You may choose to hire a teacher to teach you offline, or may opt for an online method of teaching. Both, will turn out to be beneficial. The only requirement is your dedicated efforts.