How to prepare and score good marks in Political Science Paper ?

Preparing well before any exam is a must but if in the examination hall, you cannot men down your answers in the proper manner, then what is the use of preparing hard for the exam. Actually, it is a well observed fact that students often become nervous and anxious while sitting in the examination hall during their Political Science exam. The pressure is so much that they tend to forget what they had learned earlier during their exam preparations. But the initiative taken by the CBSE board in Knowledge Sharing is so wide that if students go through these CBSE Study materials regularly, they can expect a good marks in Political Science subject.
Following are some tips to help you prepare and attempt your exam in the best possible way.

• Set the priority
Go through the syllabus first. Mark out those chapters which you can easily grasp and memorize it within a short period. After you finished those chapters, now go through the CBSE Online test series. The online test series class 11 has the list of probable questions relating to every chapter. So try to attempt those questions from those chapters first.

• Write concise answers
Read questions carefully. Try to limit your answer to the requirement. For better answers refer to the Topper Notes and CBSE Study Notes.
For example: If you are asked to write an answer on “The Legislature”. Write questions relating to “the legislature” only. Candidates sometimes make the answer too lengthy because they feel that these will help them score good marks. But this a myth. So avoid writing long answers.

• Choose questions in a calm state of mind
After minute reading to each question at least twice, create a mental picture of what will be your writing format.

• Attempt all the questions from CBSE Previous Year Question Papers:
Think that you are in the examination hall. It must be noted that there is no negative marking for wrong answers in board exams. So read the question carefully. Re-read the question. The questions from the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers will help to understand the genre of the question.

• Avoid decorating the answer sheet
It is usually seen that students have the habit of underlining the headings or the sub-headings of the by using blue, green and black coloured markers. Doing this won’t fetch any extra marks. Use only two pens- blue pen for writing the text and black for headings. Go through the Topper Notes and CBSE Study Notes and see how they drew drawing diagrams, use pencil. It keeps the answer paper neat.

• Spaces are necessary in words
Examiner find it difficult to read those over wrapped words. This might reduce marks. Try writing answers in points. Leave two lines before and after each question. Doing this might help you later, when you feel the need to add something new to your answer. This prevents making your answer sheet messy. Use words as per the marks to a particular question. Avoid short form of words like don’t for do not, can’t for can not, won’t for would not, etc.

• Don’t panic
There may be some questions which are beyond your knowledge. At those moment , do not panic. Because this way you won’t be even able to answer those questions which you knew initially. All you need is to be positive stating that “everything will be alright.”

• Check the questions on Online test series class 11
After you have gone through solved all the questions of CBSE class 11th sample paper and CBSE Previous Year Question Papers, try attempting the Online tests series at least once a week. This way you will gain much more confidence in scoring the highest mark in Political Science.
Therefore, the above CBSE Study material are necessary for scoring your desired marks in Political Science.