How to prepare and score good marks in Political Science Paper ?

The Political Science talks much about facts which are related to political systems and behavior. Nowadays, political news is quite common and students who have an interest in politics tend to have political science as one for their subject of Class XII. Textbooks for this paper, include, Contemporary World Politics and Politics in India. CBSE students who wish to get a good score in Political Science needs to go through the CBSE Study material thoroughly after understanding the syllabus. The CBSE Study Notes provided by the CBSE Board provides elaborate understanding on each and every subject.

It has been seen that many aspirants of the UPSC Civil Services follow Class 12 Political Science CBSE Study Notes as their references because it gives them in-depth knowledge through simple words. There are many chapters in Political science systematically gives us an idea of the current events going on in our country.

Now many students lay confusion on- How to Study Contemporary World Politics? As the students goes through the syllabus, students find hard to understand which chapters are most important and which are less significant. Because all chapters are somewhere linked with current events. In this case, the students can go through the cbse class 12th sample paper, understand the pattern of questions. Also going through the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers will help them a lot. Going through all the chapters, students should understand the concept behind every chapter. For example, why there is crisis of the Democratic order, what are the Challenges of Nation- Building. Students should always compare and study. That is Compare the world politics to the Indian perspective. Then comes, How to Study Politics In India Since Independence?

Here, students need to understand the flow of chapters. That is Part B Starts from- Challenges of Nation-building up to Recent development In Indian politics. How did these developments take place? They should concentrate more on the time-lapse because this adds marks surprisingly while writing the answers. Chapters such as Challenges to The Congress system and Politics of Planned Development takes us back to the 1970’s, hence, students need to refer to the Topper Notes to make their answers more in a unique manner. Scoring 100 in Political Science is not that tough. Students should understand the tactics behind every question, what they intend to say actually. Students need to either support or criticize the event while answering fact based questions.

The last chapter- Recent Development in Indian Politics is very much important. And so learning the minute facts of that chapter is also very much important. Long answer questions relating to chapter 9- Globalization are asked usually. So for preparing these long answer questions, students need to go through the cbse class 12th sample paper and CBSE Previous Year Question Papers on economics. Find questions relating to these chapter. Set the timer and start answering those questions accordingly. After completing those answers, they need to understand how much they are efficient while attempting those answers. Again chapter 16 – Rise of Popular movements, is also important. For analyzing your answers, also follow the same procedure as followed for chapter 9- Globalization. Also you can follow the Topper Notes for increasing the quality of your answers. As the candidate finishes revising all the chapters, then it is time that he or she appears for the cbse 12th online test on Political Science.

These cbse online test series questions are framed as per the cbse final question papers. Some chapters are truly scoring if the students prepare their answers in a different style. For best answers, follow the Topper Notes and understand their style and tactics of writing.
Chapters 5 & 7 – Contemporary South Asia and Security in Contemporary World requires immense revision. And so students should keep appearing for the cbse 12th online test on Political Science frequently. After some weeks, then you will be confident of attending any answers from these chapter 5 & 7.

Therefore, for scoring good score in Political Science, the students must follow smartly CBSE Study material like the cbse online test series and have a happy future.