How to Prepare and score Good marks in Psychology Paper?

There are many benefits for learning psychology ,some of them are mentioned below

  1. Helps in understanding others better.

2.It can help you understand what motivates you and also will help you understand what your personality is .

3.Improves communication skills

4.better reasoning  abilities

5.Will help you in giving logical reasons

6.Deeper understanding about mental health issues

7.Better control of mind

Let us find out the course structure  for 12th standard psychology:

1.Variations in attributes of psychology -9 marks

2.personality and self -10 marks challenges -7 marks

4.mental disorders -10 marks

5.therapeutic approaches -7 marks cognition and attitude -8 marks processing and social influence -7 marks

8.psychology related to life -6 marks

9.developing skills -6 marks

Let us find out the course content :

Chapter 1:Variations in attributes of psychology

  • Differences in individual functioning
  • Assessing the attributes
  • Intelligence theories
  • Difference in intelligence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Some special skills of humans

Chapter 2:personality and self

  • Approaches and theories related to the study of personalities
  • Behavior analysis

Chapter 3:life challenges

  • Health and stress
  • Immunity
  • Lifestyle
  • Adaption syndrome
  • Different sources of stress

Chapter 4:Disorders

  • Anxiety,depressive, dissociation disorders
  • Bipolar disorders

Chapter 5:Therapeutic approaches

  • Different types of therapy
  • Rehabilitation of mentally

Chapter 6:Attitude and social cognition

  • Attitude definition
  • Social behavior attributes
  • Components and nature of attitudes
  • Formation of impressions

Chapter 7:Group process

  • Nature of groups
  • Formation of groups
  • Polarization of groups
  • Social identification

Chapter 8:life and psychology

  • Disasters
  • Human violence
  • Impact of different media on human behavior

Chapter 9:Development of skills

  • General and observational skills
  • Interviewing and counselling skills

For the remaining 30 marks

  • You need to develop your case profiles
  • Viva will be for 5 marks
  • There will be two practical tests for each 15 marks

For students who want to score more in psychology then you should

CBSE previous years question papers:Collect all the CBSE previous years question papers and try to answer them every week . Don’t answer all the papers once .Try to answer questions related to a topic as soon as the topic is over .

CBSE previous years question papers will also expose you to the mindset of the examiner.Most of the papers will be set in a way that at least 75% of the question paper will be direct.You can learn new things sometimes by solving the previous years papers.

CBSE study material:Before and after completion of a topic you should read CBSE study material ,you need not buy other materials ,you can get good marks if you put good efforts into CBSE study material.

These study materials will be made by experts ,these experts will keep in mind the exam papers while making the material.

CBSE study notes : Some of the points which are told in the classroom will be very important ,for such points you can maintain a CBSE study notes .CBSE study notes will also be made by many authors ,you can make it own your own also .

It is always better to make the notes on your own ,read as many books possible along with the books look up for the topic in internet . These days many authors are expressing their views on many platforms .Try to read even those articles ,by reading these articles you can also understand the perspective of different authors.

Topper notes : If you didn’t attend any class ,then take help from your class topper .If possible read your class topper notes .Try to have group discussions with your class topper .Topper notes will have most of the points you will need to answer the questions.

Topper notes should be like a reference book only. You can also listen to the same again and again .Each concept is very important in psychology so always try to listen more topics.The more topics you listen the more depth you will get in the subject .

You can also take live examples as the subject is about improving human relations and better mental health .The more examples you take the more you will understand about the concepts .

Online test series :If you think that you read all the materials well then go for online test series ,don’t start any online test series without preparation.You will make more mistakes if you don’t prepare .

When you write an online test series without preparation chances are high that you will answer even the questions you have read before wrongly .This happens because you will lack the confidence and may answer the question wrong.

Practice test :Practice test will have many choose the correct answer questions ,practice test will expose you to a variety of questions and most of the practice test will be made by collecting different competitive exam papers.

Along with the above mentioned tips also try to follow the below mentioned tips :

  • Try to read every question after the paper is given to you .
  • Answer the questions you know perfectly
  • Then go for questions which you are not completely sure about
  • Finally try to answer the questions which you think you didn’t prepare
  • Try to mention all the points you have learnt in an organized way .