How to prepare and score good marks in Sanskrit Paper ?

Think of Sanskrit as a medium for communication rather than subject to in school,this will make a lot of difference .When we think of Sanskrit as a medium of speech we will put in extra efforts to learn it .
Any language can be learnt with four basic steps they are


Sanskrit learning is different from that of social ,science or maths .You have to start from basics like learning alphabets ,then words,then sentences .Write all the alphabets and practice them everyday till you learn them .Start listening to stories in Sanskrit ,practice talking in Sanskrit ,don’t forget to make the learning process fun .Any learning process can be made fun by adding activities .For that you need help of tuition teachers or online tutors.

Download audio files in Sanskrit ,listen to them again and again ,try to read lessons own your own,pay attention to your teacher while they read the lesson out loud .Take help from friends don’t be shy .As everyone in your class is a beginner you can be free to ask them doubts .Always remember to have lot of patience.language can’t be learnt in a day it takes years to get the depth .

Along with your material provided by the school ,try to buy books of Sanskrit authors,learn about the authors also.Always stay inspired don’t be afraid to commit a mistake .

If you want to be good at writing and getting good marks in Sanskrit ,then follow the tips mentioned below :

1. CBSE previous year question papers: Write down all the answers of the CBSE previous years papers ,it helps you practicing the words .If you are facing any difficulty in forming a sentence or writing the spelling of a word that means you need practice there .Now open your book and cross-check all the spellings,grammar,sentences .This will help you in reducing the mistakes and strike offs .By reducing the strike offs your paper will look neat.

2. CBSE study material : While doing self assessment of the answers you wrote for the previous years papers use CBSE study material .They will have all the answers ,you don’t have to refer many books while correcting the answers you wrote .You can also prepare for you exams with CBSE study material .They will give questions after the lesson .Take breaks while preparing.

3. CBSE study notes : As Sanskrit is a completely new subject for us ,we should maintain a CBSE study notes .Your CBSE study notes can be prepared by you or you can download them.

4.topper notes: If you want to prepare a study notes all by yourself then refer to many books first,write down important points while teacher is teaching the class.If you spot many differences from your’s and topper notes then both of you discuss those points .Do this from the very beginning of the course so that you will have time to discuss and learn new topics.

5.practice test :Sanskrit definitely requires lot of practice for that you need to take up many practice tests .You can get practice tests from websites ,educational apps and also from your textbooks .Practice exercise will cover grammar,meanings,tense etc .
Do at least two practice exercises everyday.For practicing you should first learn which part of the syllabus you are weak in then pick practice exercises accordingly.

If you are facing trouble while speaking ,then go for Tuition teacher and online tutors which ever is comfortable for you pick that benefits of hiring tuition teacher : can practice speaking in Sanskrit along with them.
2.debates,group discussions,speech,just a minute can be practiced .
3.clarifies all your doubts
4.will explain the lesson again if you want

Generally tuition teachers are hired for all subjects ,if you want particularly for Sanskrit then it gets tough to find one.
For this you can go for a online tutor:

1.they are easy to find for the classes you attended
3.their qualifications ,experience everything will be verified
4.If you want a well experienced tutor like your subject teacher you can get them only on online for reasonable costs.

Your dedication also matters:

1.Along with all the above mentioned tips you need dedication and constant hard work .If you didn’t clear your doubts from either your tutor or your friend ,you will definitely face difficulty in exams .

2.So always clear your doubts .Allocate some time everyday based on your schedule .Don’t postpone your work for next day as it will make a lot of burden for you .Slowly but by bit only you can reach the top level of any subject .

3.Take practice tests seriously .for this go for online test series
Online test series: If you want to assess your performance and compare it with previous exams ,online tests are great platform for that.
They do all the assessing job for you along with your strengths and weaknesses in the subject.Online test series are very organized .