How to Prepare and score Good marks in Sanskrit Paper?

Sanskrit is known to improve self confidence and voice quality .Sanskrit also helps in better understanding of other languages and scripts .Few more benefits of learning Sanskrit are listed below :

  • Sanskrit opens us to the holy books which are Ramayana ,Mahabharata ,even though these are translated into many other languages there are more benefits of reading these holy scripts in Sanskrit
  • The qualities of Sanskrit has direct impact on brain ,and has proved results on memory and mental health .
  • It also helps in the growth of consciousness of brain.

Class 7 CBSE Sanskrit syllabus

  • Shubhashitani
  • Dhur bhudhi vinashayati
  • Swavalambhanam
  • Haasya bala khavi sammellanam
  • Pandita Ramabhai
  • Sdhachar
  • Sankalp siddhidayak
  • Tivaran janda
  • Vmanayam rachayaam
  • Viswabhandhutyam
  • Samvaye he doorjaya.

You don’t have to panic to learn Sanskrit ,you need a basic plan to learn Sanskrit .Don’t give up ,beginning is always hard .

CBSE study material :CBSE study material will start from alphabets,so if you are lacking from basics then you must practice even alphabets ,let us learn words next .You don’t have to read the shubhashitani directly if you are weak in basics then you will not score good marks .

Start reading the CBSE study material own your own ,you might find it difficult to read for the first time ,but after reading it twice or thrice you can learn all these lessons .Sanskrit can be learnt only when you can read all the lines perfectly .You can learn the meanings slowly but first learn to read .

CBSE study material will also have question and answers ,meanings ,grammar,opposite words .So you should learn everything mentioned in the material to score good marks .

CBSE study notes: CBSE study notes should be made from materials,websites. Don’t take Xerox copies of notes make the notes on your own .Write all the words and practice them ,if possible write the shlokas also .

Sanskrit is hard to write ,so write it again and again will help you learn all the words without any spelling mistakes .keep a practice book for this.

CBSE previous years question papers: CBSE previous years question papers will have everything covered .If you prepare these papers you will get exposed to most of the syllabus ,So it is always advisable to answer CBSE previous years question papers before attempting the exams.

Every question of CBSE previous years question papers should be answered .There are high chances of these questions being repeated . If you can’t answer any of these questions then find answers to these questions by taking help .

Find out where exactly you are finding difficulty ,focus on those areas.

If you can spend some more time for Sanskrit then you should attend coaching centers ,most of these centers will operate on weekends ,and they will require mostly hour or two of your time .Learning the language before hand will have many more benefits .It will make next classes easy for you .

You can go parallel for these coaching centers along with classes .

Online test series : When you attend coaching centers you don’t have to search for online test series again ,most of them will provide online test series .Online test series will have category wise tests .You can write the exam which you find weak .

These online test series will be made available for a year ,so you can take the exam whenever you have time .These online test series will be available even in audio and video forms .In the audio format you have to listen a story or an audio and then answer the questions they ask .These questions will be related to the audio you heard .

In the video format they will show you a video clip .Then they will ask questions related to the video clip shown.Video clips will have a small story

Practice test :Practice test is a must if you are weak in Sanskrit .Practice tests will be in all the formats .You can practice all the tests in the practice mode also If you are not confident while speaking ,then you must and should try to talk in Sanskrit,only when you try to talk then only you can improve confidence .

To improve confidence while speaking you should also use Sanskrit in daily life ,this will come as a great help.

Topper notes : Topper notes is nothing but a notes which contains all the required information. Many websites will make their version of topper notes .So pick the one which you feel is the best for your syllabus .They will make the preview of the notes available .

If you didn’t prepare for the exams before then read topper notes .If you can’t the notes online then you can also take help from your class topper .

Follow all these tips to get more marks in exams .