How to Prepare and score Good marks in Sanskrit Paper?

Learning Sanskrit has many benefits,for 8th standard students you are required to learn few lessons and some part of the grammar,but if you want to learn the language completely then you need to put in more efforts .

Language learning is an everyday process .You need to dedicate time everyday .There are four basic steps in any language learning.

They are :

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

For listening you need to hear more words in Sanskrit ,you should surround yourself with people who can speak in Sanskrit .There may be only few people who can speak in Sanskrit but it is always better to listen conversations more in Sanskrit .

By listening more and more conversations in Sanskrit you can learn many words .Thus the step one in the learning process which is listening will become successful .For listening you can also use websites ,vlogs ,audio clips after collecting them try to listen to them .You might not understand anything on day one ,but don’t give up

Start searching for meaning of the words which you will come across in those audio clips .This is one of the ways to learn a language .You can audio clips and video clips .For video clips you can select a short story where there will be characters and a short story with a moral .Try to learn the moral of the story .

For beginners we can listen to 5-10 minute of stories or conversations in Sanskrit. As you go on day by day increase the time you spend on listening .

Reading : There are many holy scripts written in Sanskrit .If you want to start reading with these holy scripts that’s up to you .Along with these you can also read content written in some blogs .You can also opt for a coaching center where they will publish¬† books and stories.

While reading you might face difficulty with hard words ,for words like that write all of them down ,and try to find the correct pronunciation for these words.Learn at least few words everyday .Reading can be tiresome for many students ,for students like this who are facing difficulty to read in Sanskrit you should everyday.

Writing :Sanskrit really has some tough words which are very hard to write ,as we already know that only practice can make you perfect .You need to practice more and more .If the question and answers are long then divide it into pieces and write each of the pieces .You can write up to three times .first time while writing write the answer by looking into the book .Then for the next two writings try to write without book.

Speaking : speaking and listening are interlinked we often find people who are illiterates but can speak well in many languages .So the more you listen to conversations in Sanskrit the more you can speak well .You also speak in Sanskrit with you teachers and friends .Try to have group discussions with your friends in Sanskrit .

Now for school going students to get more marks in Sanskrit ,here are some tips for you :

CBSE previous years question papers: Collect all the CBSE previous years question papers and answer them ,if you can’t answer any question from the CBSE previous years question papers then try to find answer to that question .Don’t leave any question in the papers unanswered.

CBSE previous years question papers will help you get 60-70% of marks as the questions will repeat .The more papers you answer the more you understand the pattern of the exam.

CBSE study notes :CBSE study notes should cover grammar,question and answers ,meanings ,opposite words etc.You can prepare the notes on your own .CBSE study notes will be available in some of the websites also .These websites will make the CBSE study note keeping in mind every student .

Best way to make the note is to collect all the related information by referring to other books also .By referring to other books you will get lot of information.

CBSE study material: CBSE study material will have a lesson and questions related to that questions. CBSE study material will have lot of information ,you need to spend at least two hours on each lesson to learn it perfectly .

Topper notes : For making the  study notes ,you can also refer to topper notes ,topper notes will should contain all the important points related to every lesson.Go through this notes thoroughly .Also start having discussions with your class topper .

If you want to learn Sanskrit completely then go for :

Online test series : online test series will have papers set for all level of students ,you can choose the difficulty of the paper .Online test series will provide you with lots of questions ,You will need extra time to answer all these questions

Practice test :For beginners you can answer practice test before attempting online test series,practice test will also have large number of questions .You can practice as much as you want with these unlimited tests