How to prepare and score good marks in Science Paper ?

Exams time is the most important time in a student’s life. Every child wants to score well in their exams and board exams are the one where no one wants to take a chance of taking it lightly. Science is a subject that requires maximum attention and time. To score good marks in science, not only you need to know the theory well, but you also need a lot of practice. Science is divided into Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. To have a decent rank in any competitive exam, you are required to excel in all three. There might be one subject that you like the most and spend the time with that particular subject. But this will not fetch you good marks. You need to have a practice in all three. Class 9 CBSE exam is the first exam where a student competes with students on an All India platform. It shows you where you stand in competition with students of your age. So it is a must that you work hard and earn a decent rank on your boards.

Let’s Have A Look At The Tips That Can Help You Score Well In Boards.

1.Prepare A Timetable – You must have a timetable handy with you. You should divide your time in a way that you can give every subject, enough time. You must start with the subject you find the most difficult and less interesting. You are advised to complete a tougher subject first. This way, you will be free from tension. You can start with the easier subjects once you’re done with the difficult one.

2.Practice, Practice, And Practice – Physics has numerical, Chemistry has equations, Biology has diagrams and several names to memorize. You are well versed with the phrase, ‘Practice Makes A Man Perfect’. Well, you got that right. It is a consistent practice that will make you stand out among your competitors. In science, there are a lot of concepts to understand, you cannot just mug up. But apart from these concepts, there are definitions, formulae, units, equations, chemical reactions, etc., that you need to learn by heart. This is possible only with ample practice.

3.Refer To CBSE Study Material/ CBSE Study Notes – These are the most reliable source of information for students appearing for their board exams. You should know the correct equations, formulae, etc., to be able to answer the questions correctly. You obviously won’t like going for notes that contain incorrect information. These CBSE Study materials contain accurate information required for your preparation. To succeed in CBSE, you should choose the correct CBSE Study Notes.

4.Go Through Toppers Notes – Another ideal source for students are Toppers Notes. These notes are prepared by toppers, who have experienced CBSE board exams in the near past and have the right knowledge of the syllabus and the topics are essential and important to cover. These notes contain the exact content, which is neither extra nor less.

5.Solve All The CBSE Previous Year Question Papers – Once you have practiced enough, its time to solve the previous year question papers. You cannot be sure of your preparation unless you solve question papers. The way to test your preparation is to solve CBSE Previous Year Question Papers. The order of the paper need not be chronological. You may select any random year’s paper of your choice. Find a suitable place, sit and solve the paper honestly, like you will be solving the actual board’s paper. After you’re done, analyze what mistakes you made and on what topics you need to give special attention to.

6.Go Through Test Series For CBSE Class 9th – Your school might be providing you with several Practice Tests. Solve them and test your preparation. Many Practice Tests and Online test series science class 9 are available on the internet. You can start going through each of them once you are done with the previous year’s question papers. These test series for CBSE class 9th is as per CBSE’s standards. The questions in these online test series science class 9 are prepared by experts according to the type of questions that are frequently asked in boards.

7.Get Yourself A Tuition Teacher Or An Online Tutor – Getting good marks is not easy for every student, especially when you have only your school teacher to get your doubts solved. School timetables are so designed that the teachers have many classes to teach and have only 5-6 hours a day. They are even burdened with the pressure of completing the syllabus on time. With these responsibilities, it is very difficult for a teacher to reach out to every student and get their doubts solved.
Here comes the role of Tuition. They provide you with sufficient time to get your doubts solved and of course, your syllabus gets revised.
Parents, these days, are confused as to what will be the best for their child. Whether they should choose offline tuition or get their child, an Online tutor. Offline Tuition is where a tuition teacher takes the responsibility to teach you, but with the same old method of teaching, like that in schools. Online tuition is where you are taught virtually by a teacher online. You also get all the notes in handy online. Yes, the bad effects of technology cannot be overlooked. But the positive sides also cannot be denied. If you choose to prepare for boards with honesty, then an online mode of teaching or an offline mode of teaching, both will be equally beneficial for you.