How to prepare and score good marks in Science Paper ?

Science is a subject which requires lot of observation and work in laboratories .Science is definitely practical subject, you need to get your hands dirty for this subject to get deep understanding about the subject.Preparing for the exam and writing the exam are completely different ,while preparing requires your hard work and dedication ,writing exam is about presence of mind.

Tips for getting good marks in exam:

1.Online test series science: Exams can be pretty difficult times for all the students ,so always plan accordingly to time table.Your time table should allow you at least four to five hours in a week specially for science .In the time you allocated for science go for online test series science .Online test series science is one of the best ways to prepare in a systematic way to prepare.

Why should you go for online test series?

•It is very organized
•All the topics will be covered
•You can analyze your performance
•Your strengths and weakness can be easily known with online test series .
•The series you choose will cover all the topics

2.Practice test science: When opting for a online test series ,also take practice test science papers ,Practice papers have answers along with questions.Lot of time will be saved ,for just exam you have to search the answers after the exam but with practice test science answers are ready already.Science needs lot of experiments and lab work.

3. CBSE study material: CBSE study material has lot of theory ,which will help you in the experiments time.Always focus on theory to get deep knowledge about the subject.Refer all the books available for the topic you have chosen.

4. CBSE previous year question papers: As you have already prepared online test and practice test ,now you can go for CBSE previous question papers.After preparing all the test series and practice series ,you will get lot of exposure and confidence to attempt the previous years question papers.Collecting previous years question papers will help you understand a lot of areas covered in the paper.

5.Toppers notes: After going through all the papers ,now allocate at least four to five days time for toppers notes.Toppers will always cover everything told in the class ,ask their notes copy it or take xerox of it .Go through the notes once ,notice if you had missed any points ,focus on those particular points.

6.Tuition teacher: Tuition teacher comes to a great help, as it is always better to have some one explain the doubts ,while listening to class make sure you write down difficult points and ask the tuition teacher in tuition all those points.Go through the qualification and work experience of tuition teacher before hiring .Ask them specifically what you want from them ,it maybe either teaching ,explaining doubts.

7.Online tutor: It can be hard to find a tutor who can match your requirements ,when you search for online tutors the options are more in this case.All the payment details ,qualifications everything will be mentioned and verified before hand .So it saves a lot of time .
These are some of the tips for getting good marks in science.

Now ,tips for preparation :

1.Choose an isolated place : Set your table and chair along with a study lamp,
If possible light a incessant stick for the table .
2.Make charts : Make charts and stick then all around your room ,you can look at them while sleeping and also when you get up in the morning

Don’t get panic while writing exam ,meditate for two minutes before starting exam.