How to Prepare and score Good marks in Science Paper?

Let’s find out the syllabus of 7th standard CBSE science first

  • Nutrition in plants / animals
  • Fiber to fabric
  • Heat
  • Acids,bases,salts
  • Physical and chemical changes
  • Weather ,climate and animal adoptions of climate
  • Soil
  • Winds,storm,cyclones
  • Respiration in organisms
  • Transportation in plants and animals
  • Reproduction in plants
  • Motion and time
  • Electric current and it’s effects
  • Light
  • Water : a precious resource
  • Forests : our lifeline’s
  • Waste water story

Topics like Motion and time ,Electric current and it’s effect ,light will also come in future in physics.Topics like acids,bases,salts,physical and chemical changes,heat will fall into chemistry ,Where as topics like nutrition in plants and animals,respiration,reproduction will come as biology in future .waste water story,forests: our lifeline’s ,water: a precious resource will come as environmental sciences may not be in school but in college .

So these lessons are basics to the subjects that you will learn in future ,the base of those subjects will be these lessons ,so it is very important to concentrate on these lessons.So each and every topic is equally important .

Different topics will require a different you,that means for physics you need to give out logic and your intelligence will be tested here ,for biology you memory will be tested and also drawing skills .

How to prepare for the exams:

  • Online test series science : It is time you take these online test series science seriously ,as most of the topics you have now will come even in your higher standards .Also take up online test series science for even higher standards .

While doing so if you are facing any difficulty then first go for practice test series science .It is always better to go for practice tests science first and then attempt the online test series .

  • Practice test science : Practice test science questions will be prepared by well experienced people ,they will collect all the questions from previous years competitive exams .So when you practice these exams you will also understand the paper setter mind .

How to write a practice test ?

Whenever you are practicing practice in such a way that you are writing the real exam.Select a place which is away from all the disturbances ,allocate the same time which you are given in the exam .

Now start the practice paper with easy questions first and not so easy questions next .When I say easy questions these includes theoretical questions ,which you know very well and by not so easy questions I mean that you should attempt not well known questions lastly .

If you are unsure of the answer ,or if you had not practiced a particular topic then don’t attempt these questions .

  • CBSE study material: For any exam start with CBSE study material then only go for other books ,even for other competitive exams also go for CBSE study material first as it contains lots and lots of theory and exercises .

If you have completed the material then prepare CBSE study notes out of the material ,learn the concepts in case study material first ,they give complete explanation for the concept .

Once you are thorough with the concepts then you can go for tests .Specially for CBSE board exams you need to practice answer writing ,so you need to be well equipped with theory for that.

  • CBSE study notes :The CBSE study notes you prepared from ┬áthe material should be done in a separate notes ,it should have all the important points ,

Some tips to make the notes :

  • While reading a lesson underline the important points and write them all in same page .
  • Sometimes the points will be hidden in the passage ,then you need to catch those points by being attentive while reading ,if you miss those points while reading then chances of you answering a question related to that point is low
  • Board exams will give straight questions from the lessons,but for other competitive exams they may ask hidden points also .
  • CBSE previous years question papers: CBSE previous years question papers are exclusively for students who want to top the exams .
  • When you go through CBSE previous year papers you will find many questions repeating .These questions will be mostly answerable ,now read all the questions which are not repeated also.By doing so you will understand the mindset of the paper setter.
  • Topper notes : If you haven’t done any preparation for the exams or if you didn’t attend any exam then you should ask your class topper notes ,if you don’t have any materials or any notes prepared before then take Xerox of your class topper notes,although I don’t suggest you to not make any notes before .

For students who had prepared notes before then you can go through your class topper notes and read it once .Don’t spend much time doing this .