How to prepare and score good marks in Science Paper ?

To score well in science, you need to have a good command of all three components of science – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. You must be wondering if it is possible to score above 90% in the science exam, and if it is possible, then how should you study to achieve this target. Well, you can even score 100% on your exam. All you need to do is to have a clear idea of the syllabus and consistent hard work. Remember, it is not intelligence alone that makes you win. It is your hard work that pays off.
Let us have a look at the unit-wise distribution of marks.

1. Chemical Substances – 25 marks
2. World of living – 23 marks
3. Natural phenomena – 12 marks
4. Effects of current – 13 marks
5. Natural resources – 07 marks

The first unit comprises of chapters from chemistry. The second and fifth unit includes chapters from biology. And the third and the fourth unit covers the chapters from physics. Clearly seeing, from a total of 80 marks, the weightage of biology is a little more than physics and chemistry.

1. Physics – 25 marks
2. Chemistry – 25 marks
3. Biology – 30 marks

Let us have a look at the three most important tips that will help prepare well for your boards.

1.Correct Reference Material – If you see the kind of questions asked and the pattern of CBSE Previous Year Question Papers, you will see that the questions are mostly theoretical. Some of the questions are based on concepts, some are based on theorems and some are directly formula based questions. So for that, you should try to go through the syllabus well and try to learn the concepts well. You can refer to the CBSE Study material available online. There are various sites that provide you with these CBSE Study Notes.

You see, a single error in any formula or concept may lead to a completely wrong solution. You definitely wouldn’t like taking such a risky chance, by referring to any random notes other than these CBSE Study Notes. The best place to refer for accurate information with negligible error is CBSE Study material.

You can also refer to Toppers Notes available online. These notes are specially prepared by experts and toppers after a thorough analysis of the CBSE syllabus. These toppers’ notes are as per CBSE standards and have error-free information for students like you who aspire to perform extraordinarily.

2.Solve CBSE Previous Year Question Papers – You cannot find a better way to test your knowledge other than solving previous year question papers. Once you are prepared with the syllabus, choose any random previous year paper, sit, and solve the paper. Remember, you are not just solving the paper, you are actually preparing yourself for your board exam day. You should sit and solve the paper with honesty, just like the way you will solve your actual board paper.

After you have solved the paper, remember, that if time allows, always try to revise your answers. The revision will help you see if you have mistakenly written something incorrect or if you have missed out on an important part of your answers. After solving the paper, you should analysed your answers. This will help you understand what areas you are lacking in and need to give extra attentiveness to. Solving the previous year papers will also make you familiar with the pattern of the question paper. You will not feel nervous on the exam day, as you will be already prepared with the pattern of questions that will be asked.

There are also many online test series class 10 that are available online. If you are done with the previous year question papers, you can start solving these online test series. These online tests of science class 10 are prepared by people who have knowledge about the syllabus of the examination. After going through the kind of questions asked and the pattern of the question papers, experts prepare the online test series class 10. These online tests of science class 10 also contain the questions that are expected to be asked in boards. Solving these test series will prove helpful to you in your preparation for boards.

3.Find yourself the right teacher – No matter how well you prepare for exams, there will be some doubts that will never let you be at peace. And since it science that we are talking about, there will obviously be many queries and doubts while you study. To get your doubts solved, you need someone who can help you out. There are two ways to get your doubts cleared. One is to get yourself a Tuition teacher, and the other is to go for an online tutor. While a tuition teacher teaches you the way teachers at school teach you, an online tutor teaches you in an online platform. While you study offline tuition for certain fixed hours a day, online tuition is available for you anytime during the day. You may choose either way, but what is important is your consistent hard work. With determination and regular hard work, you can score an overwhelming 100% in your science board exam.