How to prepare and score good marks in Social Science Paper ?

Social science is a very vast subject ,so let us start with, Why should students focus on social studies ?

•Better understanding of societies
•Better understanding of politics
•Keeps you in keeping touch with everything that’s happening around you in a easy way
•Even though it is vast,it is divided into sections making it easy to learn.
•Helpful in competitive exams
•For all higher posts in our country like IAS ,IPS,IRS,groups knowledge of social science is very important
•It doesn’t require much logic like maths ,physics .
•Reading and practicing is enough to get good marks
•For any medium of teaching social science is available ,so you can read in any language.
•Knowledge of geography will help you while travelling .

Now let’s focus on how to get good marks in social studies :

CBSE study material: CBSE study material is available separately for history,civics,geography,economics. If you are interested particularly in any of the sections ,you can collect all the study materials available of different classes.For most of the job interviews also knowledge of social will help you ,for all competitive exams social is given as a part of the exam .CBSE study material is not only for board exams ,this material will have so much subject keep these materials with you even after exams.

CBSE study notes: Even though CBSE study notes differ from publisher to publisher ,some authors will concentrate on some specific topics more than other topics.They try to give more content for some topics and less for other topics .So while choosing CBSE study notes make sure to select the one which has all the required topics .It is better to note all the important points which are told in classroom in a book which is only for social science.Now compare this note with your class topper notes ,also compare it with your friends notes.

CBSE previous years papers: If you didn’t prepare much for the exams and want to score some where between 70-80 without much efforts ,collect all the CBSE previous year papers.Write down answers of all the questions in those papers ,write them in a book.There are good chances of getting repeated questions .But it is always better to cover all the questions.After the exam is done keep the question paper with you if allowed .This will come to your help afterwards.

Topper notes :If you are really weak in social science then ask your class topper notes and read it.Read along with your topper,do group studies ,write essays , participate in group discussions knowledge transfers faster this way ,you can collect so much subject from your friends if you are attentive and active in all of the above mentioned activities .Now let us focus on how to prepare for the exam ,
These preparation steps will help even graduates who are preparing for competitive exams.

Online test series: If you are some one who is preparing for competitive exams Online test series is not a new word for you .As most of your preparation process will go around these tests ,you will be asked to take minimum number of tests in a day.Students can also take online test series ,this will help them in the choose the correct answers and blanks part of the exams.Attempting these online tests is as important as practice test.

Practice test :Students can take mock exams which are like practice test before exams ,these mock exams are available on all the educational websites.Even CBSE board also gives out these practice test papers .You can check your performance by writing these mocks .
If you want to listen to the classes again ,or if you had missed any particular class then it is better to hire either a tuition teacher or online tutor .Online tutors will cost you only for the classes you take from them ,you can also clear your doubts.

If you can’t attend the class then they will record the class so that it is available for you any time.You can listen to the same class again and again .But if you hire a tuition teacher you can’t record the class .Tuition teacher should be hired only if you are willing to spend time everyday. Tuition teacher will help you in group discussions ,essay writings,speeches as you can practice with them .

They will make a timetable for you which saves your time on which topic to pick for everyday.They will decide the time you should spend on reading as they have been observing you from many days .
Always plan ahead of your exams ,this will help you get more marks than any other things .Write down the syllabus for each section .