How to Prepare and score Good marks in Social Science Paper?

Social studies is the  branch of study of human society and human behavior .For 7th standard students you can have history ,civics,geography,economics.History will cover about how societies are before thousand years ,how empires are made , what devotional paths they had followed,tribes ,and Craftsmen ,Delhi sultanate and Mughal empire.

Geography covers air,water,environment ,what’s inside the earth,changes occurring in the earth,life in grasslands and deserts .Civics covers markets ,understanding advertising and media,how government works and also role of government in health.

Social studies is the most important subject if are aspiring to become a civil servant .If you are interested in social studies you can learn about it even after schooling .For civil services or any  other government jobs in our country you should read cbse social books from 6-10.If you are interested in general awareness ,then having the knowledge of social will help you understand the news better.

For students who want to get more marks in social studies :

  • CBSE study material :Social is definitely a very vast subject .You need lot of time to learn,as it is divided into parts and each part has nearly 10 lessons .So it is really very hectic. CBSE study material will have detailed explanation of each topic .

Cbse study material 7th standard will have lot more information than 6th standard .So it needs more concentration .Even though the syllabus is vast only some of the topics are hard ,some topics are easy.

  • CBSE study notes : As the syllabus is vast ,it is better to have a CBSE study notes ,you should refer to the notes right after the lesson is done .Your CBSE study notes should contain all the important points .

Most of the times you will find these important points interlinked with some other points from next lessons .By this we can understand the importance of current lesson as it is inter connected with next lessons .

Study notes are available even in different websites ,most of them will have same information ,so it is better to refer two and make the notes .Make separate notes for geography ,history,civics.

If you have the habit of reading newspaper then it is better to write these points in the book to which it belongs .This will help you a lot in future .

  • CBSE previous years question papers : At least once a week solve one paper of your choice from  CBSE previous years question papers .It will better if you do this right after the lesson is done ,but this will be very time consuming as you have to search for the questions in all the papers related to the topic .So I would suggest you to start writing answers for CBSE previous years question papers only after the completion of at least 5 lessons .Then do it every week .

This is help you immensely .

For students who want to get into civil services or any government related jobs then you should go for

  • Online test series : Most of the test series will have time limit and you can finish the paper even before the time limit if you are well read.Social online test series will be in choose the correct answers .

If you opt for social you can get all the parts but if you want only one part then find out if it is available .Students who want to score maximum marks in bits then they should buy any online test series .

Test series will be available even for daily tests and weekly tests.These online test series will boost your brain .

  • Practice test : As social has lot of information to remember ,it is better to do mind maps ,Mind mapping will help you remember years ,names .It is basically dividing the whole information into tiny bits .

This will boost your memory .By taking practice test the information is already made into tiny bits ,practice tests can be taken for both practice and self assessing .The difference between the two is in practice you don’t make any mistakes you just learn all the time ,while in self assessing which is like a test you answer the questions similar to that of a test and correct these answers later .

So practice test will be helpful for all students .Take breaks between the practice sessions ,read the lessons before even attempting the practicing tests .It is like reading the lesson again .

Meditation will also help you to remember all the information .Allocate specific time everyday for social .

Topper notes : When you have to write essays in the exam then you need to refer a lot of books ,include your class topper notes also .Every topper follows a strategy for exams .