How to Prepare and score Good marks in Social Science Paper?

let us first find out the syllabus for 8th standard cbse :


Unit 1: How, When and Where

Unit  2: From Trade to Territory: The Company Establishes Power

Unit 3: Countryside and ruling it

Unit 4: Tribals, Dikus and the Vision of a Golden Age

Unit 5: Why should people rebel

Unit 6: Colonialism and it’s effects

Unit 7: Iron Smelters and Factory Owners

Unit 8: Civilization and educating the people

Unit 9: Origin of caste

Unit 10: Visual arts and the changes in visual arts world

Unit 11: National Movement: 1870– 1947

Unit 12:  Independent India


Unit 1: Resources

Unit 2: Natural vegetation and processes related to it

Unit 3: power resources

Unit 4: farming

Unit 5: Industries


Unit 1 : Indian Constitution

  • The Indian Constitution
  • Secularism and also Understanding Secularism

Unit 2 : Parliament and the Making of Laws

  •  Need for constitution  .
  •  How law shapes a country
  •  The Judiciary

Unit 3:  what is judiciary

  • Criminal Justice System of India
  • Social Justice and the Marginalized
  • What is marginalization and Understanding Marginalization
  • Confronting Marginalization

Unit 4: Economy of a country

  • Facilities given to public
  • Social justice

Now you have the complete syllabus with you to prepare for exams .Along with the syllabus collect

CBSE previous years question papers: CBSE previous years question papers will expose you to the pattern of the paper and also large number of questions .Practicing these questions will help you in the time of exams.

While answering CBSE previous years question papers write the paper like original exam ,set time limit for the exam,select a place where there is no disturbance .Some of the questions will be direct ,some of the questions will be indirect .

For direct questions you need not to give any explanation ,but for indirect questions you have to give a long explanation .CBSE previous years question papers will be separate for each subject.As the syllabus is vast you need to spend more time on social than other subjects .

For social studies you need to learn more ,you have to pay attention to every detail .

CBSE study material: CBSE study material will have lot of theory ,you need to read through theory and then answer the exercises.Don’t answer the exercise before reading the theory .This theory will help you even in competitive exams also .

Social is a subject which requires lot of knowledge .For competitive exams like civil services ,groups social is must subject ,it is not optional .These study materials will help you even for these exams .

CBSE study notes :If you have time to spend on making notes then prepare CBSE study notes ,this notes should contain all the important points and difficult points .As the syllabus is more you can use separate books for each section.

If you have lot of information,then start mind mapping .In mind mapping you should interlink the events ,dates ,names etc.Thus it makes it easy for you to memorize .You can also write down the points right after listening to the class.By doing this you can easily relate everything you have studied .

For students who are aspiring to become civil servants then you should opt for

Online test series : Suppose a student is given one hour time ,if he can read two lessons in this one hour ,he can also learn 150-200 bits in the same time .This means the student is learning more if he opt for online test series .

Online test series will already divide every information into pieces and make a test series related to the same topic .So a student can learn more by online test series .These test series are helpful for board exams also .

Practice test  : Practice test  will also expose the students to many questions .Practice test series will help you understand test series .you can mistakes in practice test .You can take practice test right after preparing ,don’t write these practice test without preparing .As  there is no time limit ,you don’t have to panic.

Topper notes:For subjects like social you need to learn how to write the answer properly ,to learn the way to write an answer refer to topper notes .The way you write the answer is important for most of the questions.

Use topper notes before exam or just before the exam to read the important points .This book should be like a basic for you .

Along with all this you can read to newspaper everyday ,news can be understood more easily with the knowledge of social.So social is definitely an important subject .