How to Prepare for Class 6th Examination?

For scoring good marks in examination the first thing that is needed is discipline. Preparing for class 6th examination is not a hard task but for that all you need is dedication, hard work and consistency. By setting proper goals and making right strategies can help you achieve your target.

The subjects that are there in class 6 are Mathematics, English, Hindi, Science, Social science, and Sanskrit. While you are preparing for class 6th examination, the first thing is to make a schedule. You should always plan the topics that you will cover each day. Another important thing is to stick to your syllabus.

You should plan each subject in different ways. Firstly, we will start with Mathematics. When it comes to Mathematics practice is the key. The more you practice, the more your problem-solving capability will improve. The first thing you need to do is to fix a time which you will devote each day for solving problems. Solving problems from different books will surely help you to get more clarity on that topic. Try solving the problems by your own. You can surely take help from your teachers but first try of own. As you do so, your phobia for mathematics will surely vanish in no time.

 Keep a record of the latest syllabus which includes Numbers, Integers, Shapes, Decimals, Geometry and Fractions. These are the basic tips which you may follow. Now if you are thinking of preparing for Olympiads or any other competitive exams then you need to put in extra efforts. Firstly, join any online test series as per your convenience and keep practicing. Generally, we see most of the students just pay for the test series but never solve the papers until exam comes. But if you do so then you will be in a real fix because mathematics is a subject which can’t mug up. So, you have to start from the very beginning of the session.

Next thing is to make a habit of solving problems from different books. If you are from CBSE then try solving ICSE books and vice versa. Choosing CBSE study material will be very helpful as it has detailed solutions of each problem. Practice CBSE previous year papers at-least of last 5 years. By doing so, you will understand the pattern of the questions that are asked and will get to know the marks distributions. Keep a track of the repeated questions and prepare their answers thoroughly. Another important thing is to follow topper’s notes because they always cover the right points. So, ask for topper notes and check if you have missed any point or not. If you have any doubt regarding any concept, then feel free to ask your tuition teachers and they will surely make you understand even more better.

 If you are unable to hire tuition teacher then you can go for online tutors. You just need to pay for the classes that you have taken from them. Online tutors are even easy to hire and their qualification, experience, and stream everything is mentioned there. Keep revising the formulas every day and try solving those problems first which you are confident about.

For science, you will have to prepare in a different way. Science is a subject that requires lot of observations and practical work. So, for science try to devote at least 4-5 hours in a week when will practice online test series. Online test series for science is quite important it covers all the topics and provide detailed solution. You can do self-analysis and get to know your areas of weakness. You can refer to CBSE study material as it has subjective based questions which will help you while writing the exam. Try solving previous year papers as well because it will give you a better view of the pattern of the questions that are being asked.

As I have mentioned earlier try to jot down the repeated questions and keep on revising them. Topper’s notes are another important aspect that you need to follow. Following their notes will give you an idea about how to write the answers in a better way. You can hire a tuition teacher as they will help you with all the doubts. Pen down the difficult points while attending classes. You can always clear your doubts after the class ends. If you find it difficult to hire a tuition teacher then try to go for online tutor. Another important tip which you must follow is make charts or write down the important points in a piece of paper and stick them in the walls of your room. This will help you for memorizing those points as you can look at them while you go to sleep or when you get up in the morning.

After science comes social science. Social science is a subject that requires immense knowledge and understanding. If you want to score good marks in social science, then try to solve the previous year papers. Social science is a subject that is required for many competitive exams as well. So, if you are thinking of preparing for any competitive exams then try to memorize the points from the very beginning. CBSE study materials are available for history, geography, civics, and economics. Try to collect books of different publishers as it will help you on clearing the concepts. Keep solving the previous year papers and follow topper’s notes. If you face any problem with any concept, then ask your tuition teachers. You can also go for online tutors as well. Participate in group discussions with your friends and join group study if possible. Jot down the topics that you will cover each day and prepare accordingly.

Then comes another important subject that is English. This needs a lot of practice. To get good grip in English you need to devote your time and energy both. Reading novels or story books will help you increase your vocabulary. Try to write short essay’s or stories each day to improve your writing skills. When it comes to scoring good marks then solve previous year papers. Focus on grammar because this is the area where students generally make mistakes. You should join a test a online test series as per your convenience because online test series have para jumbles, error corrections, sentence corrections, fill in the blanks etc. But at first clear all the concepts and prepare well and then attempt the tests. English is a subject in which you can clear the cutoff only if you have prepared well but this takes time and efforts. For vocabulary, you should maintain a separate book where you can write the new words that you have learned. Try to learn at least two new words each day along with their synonyms and antonyms. Speak in English with your teachers and friends even if you are not confident. Don’t afraid to make mistakes as this is the only way to learn and improve. Make it a habit of reading newspaper and articles about any topic.

For Hindi and Sanskrit, start practicing previous year papers and join any test series. You can get a good grip on these two subjects only if you put in a lot of efforts. Speck in Hindi and Sanskrit with your friends and ask them to correct your mistakes. Don’t be shy as it won’t help. Go for practice tests and try to attempt two practice tests each day. Practice test plays a vital role because you will get exposure to different problems like grammar, tense, meaning etc. Hiring a tutor is very much important for these two subjects. Clear all your doubts beforehand or else you will surely get into trouble during exam. Always do self-assessment to check your improvements and work accordingly.

Follow the tips mentioned above and you will surely see a huge difference in your preparation in no time. Be organized and work with full dedication. Always believe in your abilities and start preparing from the very first day of the session. Don’t panic before or during exam as it will not help. Meditate for two minutes before you opt your paper.