How to Prepare for Class 10th Examination?

Class 10 is the most crucial time for a student. The result of class 10 will be required wherever you may go. So, students should not take it lightly.

In case you are wondering how to score 10 CGPA in CBSE class 10 then we will give you few important tips to achieve your target. Scoring 10 CGPA is not as tough as you think. But consistency is the key to reach your goal.

You don’t need to sit for ten to twelve hours for studying. A student can study for only two to three hours a day and can score much better. So, make sure that whenever you study, the concepts are embedded firmly in your mind.

The syllabus of class 9 includes five subjects Math, Science, Social science, English and Hindi.

Scoring 100% in math doesn’t require any extraordinary quality. All you need is a consistent practice. You should make sure that you are solving enough questions daily. As an average you can solve 50 questions each day. First you can go for the easy ones and then move to the not so easy ones.

Make a schedule and cover those topics first which you find difficult or boring. By doing so, you will be left with the interesting topics which you can cover up any time. Doing this will lessen your burden.

For CBSE class 10, practice the previous year papers. Take any random question paper of your choice and start solving. While you solve any paper keep in mind to set a timer of 3 hours and sit in a peaceful place where no one will disturb you.

Look for a good study material that should be free from any discrepancies because in math if a single formula is wrong then the whole answer will be incorrect. So, refer to CBSE study material and topper’s notes.

These notes are generally prepared by the toppers who have well experience in the past and are aware of the important topics that can fetch you maximum marks.

Once you are done with the preparation, you can take up any Online Test Series Class 10th Math. This will help you for both CBSE class 10 and any competitive exam as well. The question papers of Online Test Series class 10th Math are prepared by experts after they thoroughly analyze the CBSE’s norms.

Give the answers honestly without any help. Once you complete solving the paper, check it thoroughly and analyze the mistakes. Put efforts to prepare those areas, otherwise it will give you a tough time.

Now the question comes, that will you go for any tuition teachers or not. Taking a tuition teacher or an online tutor is necessary because they will solve all your doubts. School teachers don’t have enough time to look after everyone. So, taking a tuition teacher or an online tutor is a wise decision.

You can take any of them as the choice lies in your hands.

Scoring well in science also requires a clear idea of the syllabus and consistent hard work. This subject requires theory as well as practical knowledge. It contains three parts physics, chemistry and biology.

Even you can score 100% in science if you follow the proper schedule. Biology has a bit more weight-age then physics and chemistry.

Always make a time table before you start your preparation. Divide it in such a way that you can give enough time to each subject. You need ample amount of practice for this subject as physics contain a lot of numerical, chemistry has a lot of chemical reactions and biology has a huge number of diagrams and names which you need to memorize.

If you practice previous year papers you can see that most of the questions are theoretical based, some are based on concepts, some are based on theorems and few of them are directly formula based. So, for better understanding you should go through those papers.

Refer to CBSE study notes for better understanding because it contains detailed solution. But always keep in mind that the study notes should be free from any discrepancies because a single error in any formula can lead to incorrect solution.

The best way to avoid such risk is to avoid any random notes and go through the CBSE study notes. You can also follow topper’s notes to get some extra benefit. Topper’s notes are available online. Those notes are generally prepared following CBSE norms.

There are many Online Test Series Class 10th Science available. Once you are done with the previous year papers join any Online Test Series Class 10th Science as per your convenience.

These online test series are prepared by people who have knowledge about the syllabus. This Online Test Series Class 10th contains questions that generally asked in boards.

Get yourself a tuition teacher to help you out with all your doubts because there will always be some doubts which you can’t clear by clear own.

You can also go for online tutors. While the tuition teacher will teach you the way school teachers teach you, online tutors will be available 24×7. You can get help whenever you feel like. Either way is effective, it totally depends what you prefer.

Social science is a subject that requires a lot of efforts as you need to cover a vast syllabus which include history, geography, civics and economics.

You can score 95 plus in Social science if you are well organized. Firstly, look after the syllabus and the marks distribution of each topic. Keep yourself updated of current affairs so that you can frame your answer in a much better way.

Practice maps as it contain 5 marks. For the memorizing part you can do it on morning. Try to cover two chapters each day. Make it a habit to write answers in points. You can refer to CBSE study notes for this.

After you completed at least five chapters try to solve the previous year papers. Solving previous year papers help you to understand the question pattern better.

One month prior to the exam you can join Online Test Series Class 10th for getting a better perspective. Online Test Series Class 10th is prepared based on the latest CBSE syllabus. So, answering all the questions is necessary.

If you find it difficult to memorize the dates and the events from history then make charts with different color pens and stick it in the walls of your room. Seeing those charts everyday when you go to bed or when you wake up can help you memorize them easily.

Practice previous year papers as well.

For preparing for English you need to follow few major steps. If you think English is tough and scoring in English is very difficult then, check CBSE class 10th sample papers. You will get a overview about the pattern of the questions.

Read the passages thoroughly over and over again. Underline the important points and use those points in your answers.

Whenever you find any new words jot them down along with their meaning. You can also write their synonyms and antonyms. Also try to make sentences with those words and use them in your daily conversation.

Refer to CBSE study notes and write quality answers. Also avoid making any grammatical mistakes.

Joining Online Test Series Class 10th will surely help. After few months of continues practice you can see a huge difference in the standard of your writing.

Hindi is another scoring subject. So, if you want to score well in Hindi then you have to make right strategy to revise the syllabus and write the exam.

Practice the previous year papers and also sample papers. Also, keep on revising the format of essay, letter and advertisement writing. Start your essay with an eye catchy line and don’t elongate it. Try to keep it concise and up to the point.

You can go for online tutors or tuition teachers if you are finding it difficult to do it by our own.

Practice from recently launched CBSE Question bank. It contains 2000 questions in total. So, after you are done with your preparation, solve this.

Work with honesty and determination so that you can assure yourself to stand out amongst your competitors. Meditate for 1 hour a day as this will help you to memorize the concepts. Be crystal clear with all the concepts.

Revise all the answers at the last 10 minutes before you submit your paper.