Guest Author

In education field, there is always a requirement of good stuff. The richer the content is, the more knowledge it will give. As a student and educator, you will always be in search of good educational content. For example, if you are a competitive exam aspirant, then you will perform search on internet for many topics to get as good as possible content to learn , but search does not always results in finding good stuff because internet is full of copied content and it is very hard to find plagiarism free and error free content , which will leave user in dilemma.

Conditions to write on PiTricks:

We at PiTricks believe that earning profit should not be the only purpose of an educational website. Our aim behind launching guest blogger is that students should be served with rich content which will aid in their studies & learning. So PiTricks is providing platform to both, who want to share their knowledge and who want to grasp original knowledge. Bloggers who always like to help others with good stuff are welcomed by us. There is an old Hindi quote “knowledge increases through sharing”.

If you have good content over a topic which relates to the courses provided by us, then we would like to share it on our blogger’s platform, it will give more views to your content.

As a guest writer, you are required to submit a fresh article with 0% plagiarism having a minimum 600 words (no upper limit). The article should revolve around its title itself. It should be in rich English or Hindi with no grammatical error.

Also, it should be kept in mind that the approval to display the article on PiTricks solely depends on the permission of our content Managers and this process may take up to 1 week.

What would I get as a guest writer?

We do not charge any fee or money to write on our website platform. We provide a platform to our guest writers so they can showcase their talent or share their knowledge. And if they are teacher who run their own educational institute then we mention those details on our website which helps them to increase their reach and visibility among students and parents. (Their institute will be highlighted on our website so they will get promotion)

What if I am a blogger myself?

If you are a blogger and have your own blog website, you may get a reciprocal link to your website at the end of your article with your name, so that you can increase visitor on your website.

In this case, you will not get the author tag , but if your article is approved and you want your website link at the end of the article, then you will have to provide a link to on your website too.