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Class 10 Online Test Series

Online Test Series is an assessment tool designed to analyze the performance and preparation of a student. This online test series helps in improving the rank and confidence of the students. By taking up the Online Test Series, they have access to thousands of questions.

When it comes to Online Test Series, the benefits are enormous. Class 10 is very crucial time because the students will sit for class 10 boards. So, taking up an Online Test Series will uplift and give a boost to their preparation.The questions provided in the Online Test Series are totally new and you don’t have any access to it beforehand. So, whenever you will appear for a test you will get a brand new question each time.

The students will be more familiar with the pattern of questions and therefore can plan which section they will appear first. It also helps in improving the answering strategies of the students.

In Pitricks, we provide Online Test Series for math and science for class 10. The questions are totally based on the latest syllabus. For Math Test Series class 10th, each test consists of fifteen questions. For Science Test Series class 10th, each test consists of thirty questions. Four options are provided for each and every question. You have to choose the correct option from them.You can take up the tests whenever you want because the Online Test Series are available 24×7. So, you can get access to them whenever you want.

In Pitricks Test Series, you will get questions from each topic. For both Math Test Series class 10th and Science Test Series class 10th you will get 30 minutes to solve each paper.The most beneficial part of this Online Test Series is that it provides a detailed analysis of the test result. Once you are done with the test they will provide you the feedback instantly.They also provide a pie chart which will display the number of correct answers, incorrect answers and number of unanswered questions.

They will even show your rank which will help you to acknowledge where you stand and sometimes even may give some guides for the areas where you need to improve.After completing four to five tests, you will provide a graph showing your improvements. Another benefit is that you can take up the test from anywhere. All you need is a desktop/mobile  with internet connection. Online test series is also very cost effective as compared to paper-based examination and several no. of students can give the test at the same time.

As the Online Test Series provides instant feedback, it gives an ample amount of time to recognize the gaps in their preparation.Before one month of your exam you can take up the Online Test Series. Try to solve four to five tests per week.Before giving any exam do a quick revision from the notes you have made.  While solving the paper you should use short techniques to solve the questions because brief solution will consume more time.

Pitricks is one of the well known Online Test Series for Math and Science class 10. So, to know more about Pitricks Online Test Series you should go through the website of Pitricks. Practicing offline based question papers is also important because you will be appearing for CBSE class 10 boards. So, you have to be thorough with both the modes of exams as a combination of both is essential.

So, online test series is the best way out to prepare for any competitive as well as board examinations. While you are giving the test stay focus and keep all your anxieties aside. Take a deep breath before attempting the paper. Hope this will surely help you with your preparation.

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