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Class 11th PCB Online Test Series

As the technology is developing day by day, online mode of education and tests have became most popular in gaining access to education. Online Test Series has also gained popularity in the last few years. It improved the quality of education and therefore chosen by many.When we talk about the benefits of Online Test Series, we find it countless, especially for those who are preparing by their own.

Online Test Series help you to track your progress by providing instant feedback. As the wait is no longer an issue, so it reduces the gaps between your preparations and recognizing your weaknesses.Earlier students have to wait for their results which used to reduce their enthusiasm towards studies. But Online Test Series has resolved this and hence, helps students identify their weakness. By doing so, students can rectify their mistakes.

Online Test Series saves time as the students don’t have to move to the examination hall for giving tests. All you need is a PC with internet access for taking up any online tests.Any chance of partiality is avoided as the answers are checked automatically. Therefore, it gives a fair evolution of your performance.Class 11 is a crucial period for a student life as they will be sitting for Class 12th boards and competitive exam like NEET the very next year. So, to make their basics strong, they should start with offline papers and then go for Online Test Series Class 11th PCB.Students must be comfortable with both offline and online mode of examination.

Pitricks Online Test Series is a very well reputed Test Series for PCB class 11. Here, we provide Physics Online Test Series Class 11th, Chemistry Online Test Series Class 11th and Biology Online Test Series Class 11th. In Pitricks, the questions that are available on the Online Test Series for PCB are prepared by our experts who are well experienced in this field. The questions are prepared by keeping the latest syllabus in mind.

Each test of Biology, Physics and Chemistry consists of 25 questions and the time limit provided is 1 hour. After every consecutive test you will be provided with a pie chart, which keeps a record of number of correct answers, number of incorrect answers and number of unanswered questions.Once you are done with four to five tests, a graph will be displayed which will show the updates of your performance.

Here in Pitricks, we also provide detailed solutions of the all the questions for each and every test. Therefore, you can check and self analyze your mistakes.Another benefit of Online Test Series is that it helps in boosting the self confidence of the students. By consistent practice, students can be free from the fear of exams.

Before you start any test make sure your internet connection is not having any issue. Find a place where you will sit and give the exam. Feel as if you are sitting for the real exam and then solve the paper. Keep all your books away from your reach while you are giving the online test.

Revise the chapters thoroughly before opting for any test. For PCB you need to put in extra efforts for Biology as it is the main subject in medical field. So, all your concepts on biology should be crystal clear.

So, as a whole online test series helps in a collective way for learning, improving and motivating a student. Therefore if you are truly dreaming of getting a decent rank in NEET or any other competitive exam then Online Test Series Class 11th for PCB should be on your to-do list.

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