Class 11th PCM

XI Physics Chemistry & Math Test Series

Class 11th Online Test Series

Online Test Series being the most common part of student’s preparation has played huge role to boost their preparation. It is a tool to check and self-analyze your preparation level. The benefits of Online Test Series are uncountable.

First and foremost, benefit is you will get access to variety of questions. The questions are of different level of hardness.

There is also a timer that will count every second and by this you will be aware of the time left for completion of the test. You must be patient and calm because that may cause some sort of panic. You can see all the questions whenever you want and can answer the questions according to you. When you answer any question, it will turn green. This means you can see every sort of information in one screen.

The questions that you will be provided is totally new and there is no chance of getting any access to it beforehand. Also, there is no chance of partiality or biasness. For class 11, students generally start preparing for competitive exams like JEE, NEET etc. So, for those who are aspiring to sit for any competitive exams, Online Test Series is a must.

Another benefit of Online Test Series is that it builds the self-confidence of the students. Pitricks Online Test Series is a very well-known Test Series for PCM class 11. Here, we provide Physics Online Test Series Class 11th, Chemistry Online Test Series Class 11th and Math Online Test Series Class 11th.

The questions are based on the latest syllabus and are designed by our experts. For each test of Math, Physics and Chemistry you will be provided with 25 questions. Time limit for each test is 1 hour. For each question you will be given four options and you have to choose any one among them.

After completing each test, we will provide you with a pie chart that will display the number of correct answers, number of incorrect answers and number of questions unanswered. This will help you analyze the paper thoroughly. Once you are done with four to five tests, we provide a graph that will show your performance from the very first exam.

Online Test Series plays a major role in boosting your rank. Along with all these, the answer keys are also provided.Online Test Series is very cost effective and can be taken from anywhere and anytime.

Before you attempt any test make sure you are well prepared with that chapter. After giving the test check the paper and practice the questions in which you have made mistakes. This will help you in reducing the gap in your preparation.

The instant feedback that Online Test Series provide will help to make analysis of the score along with AIR and section-wise performance.The more you practice, your fear for the tests will reduce. One month prior to the exam, start solving four to five Online Test Series each week.

Next important benefit is time management. Once you solve the papers you will get to know the exam pattern. So, you can make an idea and strategize the way will solve the paper in real exam.Plan a proper schedule so that you can give ample amount of time to Physics, Chemistry and Math.

Focus on the important concepts and chapters from where maximum questions are asked. Along with the numerical questions try to cover the theoretical portion because those are also asked.

But apart from Online Test Series, practicing offline test is a must. This is because the CBSE board exams are taken in offline mode. So, you must have a good grip in both Online Test Series and Offline exams. The combination of these two will advance your preparation.

So, Online Test Series has enormous benefits. But you must give the tests with honesty. The benefits are overwhelming compared to a traditional exam. Hence, taking up an Online Test Series Class 11 will be a wise decision.

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