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Online Test Series is much like a practice test or series of test, designed to be like the real test. Online Test Series is generally taken up by the students as a part of their study.

Online Test Series is an assessment tool, which help students to analyze their preparation level for the final exam. It is very user friendly as it is designed in such a way that it can be taken from anywhere.Online Test Series is taken up by the students to build up their confidence so that they can appear for the real test. It also helps in boosting up the rank of the students.

Online Test Series provides you with thousands of questions varying easy to not so easy level of questions. The benefits of Online Test Series are majorly because it provides questions based on chapters, topics and difficulty levels.

Pitricks Online Test Series is one such test series for class 12 PCB. Here, we provide Physics Online Test Series Class 12th, Chemistry Online Test Series Class 12th and Biology Online Test Series Class 12th. In Pitricks, the questions that are available on the Online Test Series for PCB are prepared by our experts who are well experienced in this field. Each test of Biology, Physics and Chemistry consists of 25 questions and the time limit provided is 1 hour. To get the best out of Pitricks Online Test Series, you should first go through the chapters thoroughly. This will help you to answer the questions.

We provide graphical analysis for the students which keeps record of his/her progress and cumulative scores. After every consecutive test you will be provided with a pie chart, which keeps a record of number of correct answers, number of incorrect answers and number of unanswered questions.

For every single test we provide detailed solution which will help you to analyze the mistakes and you can rectify them easily. Online Test Series helps you to reduce the silly mistakes and therefore you can gain accuracy while solving any question.While solving any test series, you need to use short techniques to solve the questions because brief solution will consume more time.Another benefit of Online Test Series is that it provides instant feedback.

Class 12 is a very crucial period for a student as they have to sit for their boards and competitive exam this year. So, they must be focused from the very beginning of the session.Students pursuing with PCB should take these subjects seriously as they are aspiring to go to medical field in future. So, for them Online Test Series class 12th PCB is a must.

Along with Online Test Series they need to put efforts on practicing offline based question papers as the board exam is offline based. So, students must have thorough practice on both online and offline based exams.Online Test Series also reduce any chance of partiality. Therefore, a fair assessment of each test is made. 

As there is no time bounded for giving the tests so, you should give the tests as per your convenience. Two months before your actual exam start practicing the Online Test Series Class 12th PCB on a regular basis. This will help you to overcome the fear of exam.

Try to sit in a peaceful place away from any disturbances while you give the tests. Think that you are surrounded by invigilators even though you are alone. Give the exam honestly without taking any help.

Online Test Series is also very cost effective. Therefore, joining an Online Test Series will be a wise decision. You can go for Pitricks Online Test Series for taking your preparation to the next level.

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