Class 12th PCM

XII Physics Chemistry & Math Test Series

Class 12th PCM Online Test Series

Online Test Series is a way to efficiently evaluate an exam through a fully automated system. All you need is a PC with internet connection. The best thing about Online Test Series is that you can appear for the test from anywhere and anytime.

Once you start your test, the timer also starts and it counts every second. This makes you aware of the time left and therefore, you can increase your speed accordingly.Taking up an Online Test Series will give you an exposure to variety of questions starting from easy to not so easy.

Class 12 is a prime time when students focus both on CBSE boards for class 12 and other competitive exams like JEE. So, students should be familiar with both online and offline mode of examination. The reason behind this is that CBSE class 12 is offline based and competitive exam like JEE is online based. If we talk about the benefits of Online Test Series then the first thing that comes in our mind is it’s easily accessible.

Another benefit is that it gives you instant feedback. You don’t have to wait for a long time like the offline based exams. So, this instant feedback helps you to self-analyze your mistakes and the areas you are lacking at.This helps to reduce the gap in your preparation.Giving more tests will add extra advantage to your preparation. The more papers you practice, you will be more familiar with the pattern of the paper.

Pitricks Online Test Series is a very well-known Test Series for PCM class 12. In Pitricks, we provide Physics Online Test Series Class 12th, Chemistry Online Test Series Class 12th and Math Online Test Series Class 12th.

The questions of our Online Test Series are based on the latest syllabus and are designed by our experts. For each test of Math, Physics and Chemistry you will be provided with 25 questions and time limit for each test is 1 hour.

Each question consists of four options. All the options may be relatable so you have to check the options carefully and then mark the correct one.After a test is completed, a pie chart is provided which display the number of correct answers, number of incorrect answers and also number of questions unanswered. Once you are done with four to five tests, a graph will be displayed which will show the updates of your performance.

We also provide answer key for all the questions which will help you to analyze the mistakes.Online Test Series is very cost effective and therefore taking up an Online Test Series will be a wise decision.Online Test Series helps in uplifting your AIR rank and provides a boost to your preparation.

Online Test Series doesn’t leave any scope of partiality or biasness. Also, there is no chance of cheating as the students don’t have any possibility of viewing the questions before.While you are opting for any test you should sit in a peaceful place where there is no disturbance. Try to create an exam like environment so that you will get the feel of real exam.

Even though you are alone in the room, try to imagine that you are surrounded by invigilators, who is monitoring you and then start your test. Give your test with honesty and keep all your notes away so that you don’t feel like looking at them.One to two months prior to your actual exam, start solving these online tests on a regular basis.

By doing so, you will see a huge difference in your preparation in no time. Hope all these tips will help you to get a desired rank in exam.

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