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Class 6 Online Test Series

Test and examination is an important aspect of education. The tests assess students’ abilities and complete the process of learning. But when it comes to Online Test Series or exams, the benefits are very satisfying as it helps students to judge and analyzes their performance or result. Also it aids in boosting confidence of students, especially for those who get demoralized easily for their exams.

As we know there are several benefits of Online Test Series .It is not only beneficial for students but also for parents as there are students of Class 6th, whose parents don’t have enough time to teach them or they are busy with their own work, at that time Online Test Series will help students to practice their stuff without the help of their parents. It can help solving their homework’s too.

Online Test Series comprises of a heap of the reproducing tests depending on the current track of tests. The tests being prepared are subject-wise and in accordance with the syllabus. These tests are planned for exhaustive inclusion of the whole schedule in an orderly way. The questions being prepared for online test series are enough in number. Hence every time you appear for a test, a fresh new set of questions is displayed.

Previous years’ question-papers are taken in considerance while designing new question-papers. Also the standard of the questions resembles the actual examination in all aspects.

In Pitricks, we provide Online Test Series of Math’s and Science for Class 6th. The questions given are fresh new and based on your syllabus.  Class 6th Math’s test series consist of 15 questions with four options and Class 6th Science Test series consists of 30 questions with four options. Four options are provided for each and every question. You have to choose the correct option from them. Tests can be taken anytime as online test services are available for 24×7 hours!

Here in Pitricks online test series we provides you questions from each topic. For both Math Test Series Class 6th as well for Science Test Series Class 6th you will get 30 minutes to solve the test. After you submit your test you will get recent respond of your result with detailed analysis of test. We will also provide pie chart for correct answers, incorrect answers as well as for unanswered questions.

Along this after your finish three to four test series we will provide you a graph which will show all the improvements as well as all your diminishment that you made from the first test series. As there is no time limited for giving the tests along these lines, you should give the tests according to your benefit. A few months before your exams you should begin rehearsing this Online Test Series. Attempt to sit in a serene spot away from any aggravations while you give the tests. Feel that you are encircled by invigilators despite the fact that you are distant from everyone else. Give the test sincerely without taking any assistance.

Pitricks is very notable Online Test Series for Class 6th Math and Science. Thus, to get the most extreme advantage of Pitricks Online Test Series you ought to experience the site of Pitricks.

In this way, online test series helps in an aggregate path for getting the hang of, improving, and inspiring a student. Henceforth, everybody should take up any of the online test arrangement that are accessible relying on your inclinations and take your planning to the next level.

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