Class 8th

VIII Math & Science Test Series

Class 8 Online Test Series

In present day’s we are very familiar with the term Online Test series. It refers to assessment of tests attempted by students planning for their final examinations. Students are commonly anxious during their assessments and tend to lose their confidence. So as to battle this anxiety, through arrangements for tests become necessary and it can only be incorporated with the assistance of online test series.

Online Test Series includes a pile of the repeating tests relying upon the current track of tests. It contains subject wise and full syllabus tests that are planned for exhaustive inclusion of the whole schedule in an orderly way. For 8th class students online test series are very important because in your final exam you will face some internal book questions where this online tests will help you to reminds those answers.This Online Test Series gives students a stage to pass Judgment and dissect their quality and shortcomings, helping them to beat their fright of tests, and furthermore amend their mistakes to perform better.

For Class 8th we provide Online Test series for Math and Science the questions you will go through will be latest and based on your syllabus. Class 8th science Test series consist of 30 and math’s Test series consist of 15 multiple choice questions with four options. For both Math Test Series Class 8th as well for Science Test Series Class 8th you will get 30 minutes to solve the test. You have to choose the correct option of particular question. You can take test as per your need. The test will be available 24×7 so you can access it any time.

In Pitricks Online Test Series we will provide you questions from each topic according to your syllabus for both math’s and science. For solving one test paper you will get 30 minutes. After you submit your test you will get instant result along with pie chart which will show detailed analysis of your test. In pie chart you will get all the correct answers, incorrect answers and also unanswered questions. Even we will show you your rank which will assist you with recognizing where you stand and here and there even may give a few aides for the regions where you have to improve. After finishing four to five tests, you will get a graph showing your upgrades. Another advantage is that you can take up the test from anyplace. All you need is a mobile phone or desktop with internet connection. Online Test Series is likewise financially savvy when contrasted with paper-based assessment and a several no. students can give the test simultaneously.

As Test series provides you instant result, it gives you ample amount of time to enhance your gaps in preparation. Before taking test go through all the concepts as well your notes to perform better. If you give test after revising concept you will achieve good result which will enhance your confidence to take more tests and to increase your grades in final exams.

Pitricks provide you Online Test Series with lots of questions as well as gives your instant feedback to make you prepare for your final exams. Just remember one thing while you are taking test stay focused and keep all anxieties aside to get good result. And to know more about Pitricks online Test Series go through our website.

Online Test Series is planned with a mean to evaluate the Obtained information on possibility for their betterment presentation in final exams.  This online test series provides Students a platform to judge and analyze their strength and Weaknesses, helping them to overcome their fear of exams, and also help them to rectify their errors to perform better.  Henceforth Students needs to pay attention to these online test series for better performance in the examination.

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