Class 9th

IX Math & Science test series

Class 9 Online Test Series

Now-a-days, Online Test Series is a term we are very familiar with. It generally refers to a test or series of tests undertaken by the students preparing for any competitive exams. Online test series helps in analyzing the preparation level of a student. When it comes to Online Test Series, the benefits are enormous. The first and the foremost benefit is Time Management. The questions appear on screen and you can answer any of them first.

The questions provided are totally new and you don’t have any access to it beforehand. Online Test Series has one more advantage that is it provides you with the detailed solution of every single question. Online test series helps in improving the performance level of the students by increasing their speed of attempting questions and hence boost up their confidence.

Here, in Pitricks we provide Online Test Series for math and science for class 9. The questions are totally based on the latest syllabus. For Math Test Series class 9th, each test consists of fifteen questions. Along with the questions four options are provided. After solving the questions you have to mark the correct option. For Science Test Series class 9th, each test consists of thirty questions. Four options are provided for each and every question. You have to choose the correct option from them.

To get the best out of Pitricks Online Test Series, you should first go through the chapters thoroughly. This will help you to answer the questions.You can take up the tests whenever you want because the Online Test Series are available 24×7. For both Math Test Series class 9th and Science Test Series class 9th you will get 30 minutes to solve each paper.Once you are done with the test they will provide you the feedback instantly.

Along with the marks that you have scored they will also provide a pie chart which will show number of correct answers, incorrect answers and number of unanswered questions. Once you finish giving three to four tests, they will provide you a graph which will show the improvements that you made from the very first test you gave.If you want to make a carrier in science field like engineering or medical then Online Test Series class 9th for Math and Science is very important.

Online Test Series gives you a fair evolution of the test and there is no chance of partiality. Online Test Series also helps in boosting the confidence of the students as they give feel of the real exam. Students can overcome their exam fear or phobia by practicing more number of papers.

As there is no time bounded for giving the tests so, you should give the tests as per your convenience. Two to three months prior to your examination you should start practicing this Online Test Series. Try to sit in a peaceful place away from any disturbances while you give the tests. Think that you are surrounded by invigilators even though you are alone. Give the exam honestly without taking any help.

Therefore it’s very important to join Online Test Series. Pitricks is very well known Online Test Series for Math and Science class 9. So, to get the maximum benefit of Pitricks Online Test Series you should go through the website of Pitricks. Along with Online Test Series students must practice offline papers because CBSE boards are offline based. So, you must be familiar with both online and offline exam because you have to attempt both the modes of exam.

So, online test series helps in a collective way for learning, improving, and motivating a student. Hence, everyone should take up any of the online test series that are available depending upon your preferences and take your preparation to the next level.

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